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Saturday, March 20, 2010

EOTD: Purple Passion

Well well well...look who's back! =D

First of all, HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS, thank you for stopping by and following me. I'm sorry I haven't been so great at keeping this post fluid but I can't really give you a good reason other than I haven't worn much makeup recently. I also haven't purchased bath & body products ever since I went into a no buy. My Isle of Eden scrubs are still sitting neatly in the darkest corner of my drawer, untouched and curing.

Anyway, today I decided to play with colors again, and I chose purple.

YEAH.....what a surprise, right??? LOL Well, if you're my long time follower, you would know how much I love purple although it's risky of choosing the right shade that doesn't make you look like you just involved in a nasty gang fight and got punched right in the eye.

I used my Miss Rose Palette which was always gawking at me, begging to be touched (ew) and here are the colors

1 on brow bone
2 on tear duct
3 on the lid
4 on outer corner
5 applied above the crease

Other product:
L'oreal De-Crease Eyebase Primer
NYX Black Bean JEP
Sephora Volumizing Mascara
(from the Beauty Insider Birthday Gift ^^, I like it!)

It's more of a smoked out purple which could be an alternative for going out at night if you're bored of just using black for smoky eye.

Before I end this post, I want to share a mini haul I did back in December from Jojelle. I purchased their Whipped Bubble Scrub because I've heard so many great things about it, and it did lift up to my expectation.

The scent I chose is PUMPKIN LAVENDER, an interesting combination but I really like it..,,smells so sexy and the pumpkin isn't being too foody in this. The scrub consistency is in the middle, not as scrubby as Isle of Eden's but not as creamy as Haus of Gloi's. It is a clean rinsing and as far as I remember, it did not leave any oil residue on my tub.

Anyway, here are the spam

My next post will be reviews of Flutterby Beauty & Peachy Clean. Stay tuned!!!


Askmewhats said...

awww Nanzy, it's great to see you back :) Nice eye makeup! Your blending really is awesome!

Jing said...

the colors are so vivid and very pretty =)

wuzzyangel said...

SMELL-O-VISION DAMMIT!! Just for your blog! You always have the most tastiest looking bath treats!!

And welcome back! I've missed that sexy mug of yours! And what a EOTD to resurface with!!

Guess what.. I've been officially sucked into the world of Kdrama & Kpop... Aigoo!

rayqueenbee said...

I finally gave in and go this palette... I love the clors and pigmentation===awesome!!
Very cute look. I need to play in mines, all I do is swatch it since I have bought it, I've just not been into wearing any makeup lately. I need to get some form of motivation soon.

CHARRY said...

This is a very pretty look! :)

DarlingV said...

I LOVE the purple eye, and that face scrub looks edible, I just want to get a spoon full and eat it LOL!

izumi said...

mmmm, just the "whipped bubble scrub" sold me! hahaha. love purpleeeee! yay for another eotd :D

Anonymous said...

Love loveeeee the purple color you used!!

Josh said...

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