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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Product Focus: Isle of Eden (Revisit)

Happy New Year !!!

I finally found some time to write on this blog : ) Recently I have received a couple of orders I made during Christmas. All of them are bath stuffs so if you're not interested on scrubs & bath creams, just ignore this post hehe

If you guys search for Isle of Eden on the internet, you might have found some mixed experiences regarding this company's service. I have purchased from them in the past for about 2 times and they were all a pleasant experience.

Now let me give you a brief story of why people were upset. If you order from an e-tailer, you should be expecting a TAT (Turn Around Time), meaning the company will take some time to make your order (it's FRESH, unlike the ready-to-ship items from Retailers) and it does take time before they're being sent out to you.

Some companies have a short TAT, some take longer. Isle of Eden was very famous back then and people were crazy, ordering scrubs etc to a point where their TAT reached 3-4 months.

That is crazy. People were complaining of getting their Christmas order during Summer time. After that, they just kind of died down, those who were pissed off would stop ordering. Those who didn't get any trouble but heard abt the news, also stopped ordering because they're afraid to experience the same thing.

Apparently over couple of months, Isle of Eden (IoE) revamped their storage, staffs and what not, in order to deliver a better service. They redesigned their site, forum and promised that what happened in the past, won't be happening again.

I decided to give them a second chance, because although it's hard to say, their body scrubs are superb. I love their scent selections and the quality of their product, that's probably the only thing that hooked me, otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered going back to them.

I made an order on December 17, took advantage of their Christmas sale, $30 for 3 items on their site. It was a pretty darn good deal considering each scrub costs around $12~
Their shipping for US customer was also reduced to $5 so I figured it was a really good timing. The TAT was 10 days and my order was completed on December 31st (not bad). Shipping took about 5 days to reach here and it was understandable, considering the medium size flat rate box.

So anyway, my order was:

1. Sugar Glow in The Haunted Victorian Gingerbread House
2. Holiday Sundae: Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail
3. Holiday Sundae: Blood Orange Cotton Candy & Blissberry Marshmallow White Cake

I was surprised to see they sent me a free scrub, a Sugar Glow in Give the Grinch some Sugar! and 2 HUGE tarts in Noel Cake & Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake.

Product Description

Sugar Glow: probably one of my favorite body scrub out there, it's a clean rinsing with a good balance of exfoliating. I don't find the granules harsh at all either. I love this scrub : )
Holiday Sundae: it was a Christmas special, basically a Sugar Glow in the bottom and Bath Cream on top, so you will get to try 2 different products in 1 jar. The scents could be picked separately.

Scent Descriptions
The Haunted Victorian Gingerbread House: The centerpiece on the Manor’s mile-long dining table is a gorgeous confection whipped up by our ghostly chef: A haunted house done entirely in Gingerbread. Gingerbread Cake topped with Vanilla-Creme Cheese Frosting, decorated with Cut Candied Orange and Lemon Peels on top (all rolled in sugar, of course!)

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail: Enliven your senses with the aroma of a delicious bubbling pomegranate champagne cocktail! A gorgeous blend of juicy pomegranates, with hints of pineapple, green apple, red grapefruit, and lush Island mangos. Fun & Flirty!
Blood Orange Cotton Candy: Just like being at a Tuscan Carnivale! Spun Pink Cotton Candy blended with Italian Blood Orange. Beyond Delicious!
Blissberry Marshmallow White Cake: Sugared Berries, Whipped Mousse, Vanilla
Give the Grinch some Sugar!: Pink Sugar, that is! Our favorite Holiday Grinch is all green, and he's as sour as Juicy Limes, but we're determined to warm his heart with lots of Pink Sugar! Tropical Lime meets Pink Sugar. Even the Grinch couldn't resist!
Noel Cake: Rich Yellow Cake, Creamy Vanilla Bean, White Cake, and Vanilla Bean Noel.

Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Juicy royal blackberries, fluffy marshmallows galore and delicious, fluffy, fresh-baked white cake!

Sugar Glow in The Haunted Victorian Gingerbread House

Holiday Sundae: Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Holiday Sundae:
Blood Orange Cotton Candy (top) & Blissberry Marshmallow White Cake (bottom)

Sugar Glow in Give the Grinch some Sugar!

I have to say, they haven't lost their touch. I love every single thing I got, the scents are fabulous and strong enough. I couldn't even pick a favorite because they're all so yummy. I can't wait to use them in the shower.



WOW! Those products look scrumptious! Thanks for sharing this haul. I totally want to try these.


rayqueenbee said...

Hi dear, I have a blog awards for u too, check out my blog for more details. :)

Anonymous said...

What I can honestly say is wow. Your hauls looks so sweet and amazing. ;D I'm debating with myself on whether or not I should buy something from IoE. Lol. If I do, what do you recommend? ;D

izumi said...

mmmm, it all seems pretty fabulous!

wuzzyangel said...

4 months though?! dang that's a while, no wonder some peeps were upset though.

Mmm.. they all look good enough to EAT!! And seriously you need to invent smell-o-vision for your blog! Those scents sound like they smell like HEAVEN! :)

xphoebelinax said...

they look so delicious! seriously.. i want to eat it all!! :D

i'm glad you're back hun! happy belated new year :)

fantastic said...

these look so delicious. i was going to make an order as i just heard about the line recently--and these photos have knocked me over the edge!