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Friday, December 11, 2009

Product Review: Revlon Runway Collection Nails

I was sent a couple of Revlon artificial nails a while back and I never had a time to try them out. As you all know, I don't normally wear fake nails for the sake of flexibility, I always feel that there's some foreign object stuck into my fingers and I just couldn't get over that sensation.

But I'm always up for a challenge and since it's holidays, I thought hey why not give it another try? So I did put these on last week and planned to wear it for couple of weeks.

The design I tried from Revlon Runway Collection is called Minx (91095). After approximately 6 days of wearing, I decided to take them off because I just didn't feel uncomfortable. It could be the length of the nails which on the box is said to be "Medium Length". I personally don't really like having long nails (my real nails) because I found it bothersome so I don't think it's the fake nails that causing me to feel uncomfy.

Other than that, I am really liking the design, I think it's super cute with the grid & the glitter tip, it's the prettiest design of Revlon Runway Collection that I found. The application was easy, you just need to apply the glue directly on your nails OR behind the fake nails and attach them together while pressing for 3-5 seconds. The only downside is that the air bubbles appeared on most of my nails although it's hardly visible.

If I could rate it, I'd give 3/5 for overall performance & 5/5 for the design itself :D


wuzzyangel said...

I hear ya. I love the designs on the Revlon nails, but the length is too long. even when I try to file them down... :(

The Kiss ones in real short are pretty good though.

Lovebeautyxx said...

i love themmm x

Askmewhats said...

I got a set sent my way by a friend, I haven't tried using it yet as I don't even know if I'll enjoy it :) thanks for sharing your lovely nails!

Blovet Beauty said...

i love revlon nails cause they are really easy to apply as u mentioned.. fortunately for me i didnt get any air bubbles... i love that design on u, very classy

xphoebelinax said...

honeyyy i tagged you in a photo tag game on my blog! :D