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Friday, November 13, 2009

Product Focus: Miss Rose 40 Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this 40 Eyeshadow Palette from Ebay seller named Bellahut. Her Ebay store can be found here or you can go directly to their online store called Bellahut . Both stores offer FREE SHIPPING for US Customer (awesome, right?!) and I got this palette for $23.95 whereas the Bellahut online store sells for a dollar cheaper.

The palette has "Miss Rose" label on it so I pressumed it is the original brand. It contains of 40 colors and out of 40, some have satin finish, some have the cool liquid metal finish, and only 1 is matte (black color). Those of you who loves foiling mineral pigments, I can assure you will love this palette. Honestly I love foiling but I simply despise the effort (lazy alert!) so this palette simply fulfil my needs for vibrant colors without having to take an extra steps.

The case is matte black & it feels pretty sturdy. A big mirror is included inside and I found it pretty helpful. No sponge tip applicators or brushes but I don't really mind it because the free one usually sucks anyway.


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HOLY MOTHER OF COLORS! I was very impressed with the color pigmentations on every single one of them. It said you can use it DRY or WET and I tried both ways, dry is pigmented enough but wet application makes it really pop & create those liquid metal looks on your eyes. I can't believe I paid less that $25 for all of these gorgeousness.

They apply really creamy, I don't find them chalky personally but I would call their texture a little spongy than normal eyeshadow.


The one I personally LOVE, is marked with smiley face (",)

White, Silver, Charcoal & Black (matte)

Taupes & Golds

The Pinks

The Purples

Reds & Plums

if you look closely to the very light pink on the left, you'll notice
that it has green duo-chrome tint =)

The Blues
(simply adore the middle one)

The Greens

Oranges & Browns

I personally would suggest you to grab one of these & tell me what you think. This is an amazing palette. The seller is also great, prompt communication & packaging although when the palette came, some shadows were little shattered. I managed to savage them with alcohol & informed the seller about it. She quickly responded & would send another one as replacement. Good customer service!

So if I could give any tip for those of you who plan to purchase, try get insurance (only $1.95) and it'll save your time. Other than that I'd say AWESOME! I'll update you with some looks using this palette so until next time!


PBunnieP said...

That looks like a great palette, I'm always alittle skeptical of palettes they sell on ebay but I've gotta check this one out sometime. LOVE the finish of them from the looks of your swatches, thanks for sharing :)

CHARRY said...

The palette looks interesting! Nice swatches too :)

rayqueenbee said...

Oh my, Thanks for sharing, ok next buy will be this cause it looks irresistible, I was gonna wait but no no; I'm getting it asap. The pinks, neutrals and blues are amazing. Were all these applied dry because if so they look so gorgeous like this, darn I don't even wanna go crazy when I see them wet.

Nanzy said...

Hi Rayqueenbee,

They were applied dry =D
Crazy huh?

wuzzyangel said...

WHoley pigmentation!! Thanks for doing all the swatches for us! Dang these suckas are satiny too! ;)

Askmewhats said...

wow the pigmentation is wonderful, reminded me of the Urban Decay Book of shadow palettes! :)

rits said...

Wow it's gorgeous! I can't wait for you to do a look with them :)

Sofee said...

OMG I want this!!

Blovet Beauty said...

the blues are great! dead gorgeous~!

Amy said...

That is some freakin pigmentation O_O!! Wow, can't believe those were dry swatches!
Does it say on the palette where it was made?

Jenna said...

Omg the colors are so nice and very pigmented =)
thanks for sharing <3

xphoebelinax said...

wow! the pigmentation looks crazy good! :D i might have to look into this palette! damnit.. more money spent :(

hope you are doing well doll :)

izumi said...


Fifi said...

Hehe I love the smileys you put there, Nanzy. :p

And this palette looks like a must-have. I love the taupes & golds. Pretty!

Butakimu said...

I was searching for reviews on Miss Rose palettes and stumbled on your site.

Your swatches convinced me to order them!

And THANK YOU for the link to Bella Hut. It was tough finding this palette ebay :)

Anonymous said...

After i saw your post i ordered it and got the palette. Everything was in one piece and i wanted to thanks you for this review because i love the pigmentation of the color! THANKS!!!