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Friday, October 9, 2009

Product Focus: Cocoa Pink Halloween Set

I've been officially Blackberry'd. No, I'm not talking about the I-phone's foe, it's the real sweet juicy blackberries.

On September 22nd I made an order from Cocoa Pink, they were (and still are, I believe) having a Halloween special on Pumpkin Hair & Body Set (can be bought separately) and this a cute smaller sets called Teeny Toils & Tiny Troubles Set which basically 10 different scents on 10 different items.

The scents are blackberry-based and the items are mixed of Cocoa Pink's BEST hair & body products. I have owned their Perfumes & tried Voluptuous Body Butter (VBB) and I have to say their products are top notch. That's the reason why I wanted to try their other products and I think this set is such a great deal knowing that you will get to try 10 items on various scents at fraction of price.

Price: This set only costs $25.99 & FREE SHIPPING for US Customer. International Customer will only be charged for a small flat rate box ^^

What's in the set:
1.5oz Goatmilk & Honey Lotion in 1st Witch 2oz Sugar Bubbles Scrub Bar in 2nd Witch
5ml Teeny Tiny Pot of Solid Perfume in 3rd Witch
1.5oz Silky Free Conditioner in Blackberry Sugar
1oz Teeny Dermabrasion Face Scrub in Blackberry Bliss
1.5oz Teeny Cauldron Body Butter in Cauldron Bubbles
1.5oz Junket in Full Moon
2oz Princess Poo in Eye of Newt
2oz Shine Sweetie Conditioner in Midnight Hag
1.5oz Glissade in Something Wicked
1.5oz Soulmate in Three Witches


  • 1st Witch – she’s the lazy one, falls asleep while reading over the spells. She’s the reason for the recent “situation” that burned down most of London. You know when she’s been napping as she leaves behind the scent of lavender, ozone, black amber, and her favorite snack…marshmallow sugar!
  • 2nd Witch – The brains of the bunch, she can be slightly OCD. Everything needs to be “perfect” and don’t even think of touching her book of spells, she will turn you into a toad! She does have a teeny secret, she loves butter rum. Sometimes you can smell it on her breath, buttery rum, butterscotch cookies, black amber, and just a hint of blackberry jam.
  • 3rd Witch – She’s a romantic. Better suited at being a fairy than a witch, her sisters would boil her if they found out. She’d rather be writing love poems than spells (unless it’s a love spell!). Instead of studying potions, she reads romance novels. She smells of a Secret Love Potion – A duplication of "Falling in Love" with a little something to keep it a secret!
  • Blackberry Sugar - Blackberry, Sugar Whipped Cotton Candy, and a splash of Candyfloss.
  • Blackberry Bliss – Blackberry Musk with a dusting of White Flowers.
  • Cauldron Bubbles - Squashed Blackberries mixed into a potion of Sweet Sugary Cotton Candy, Pounds of Marshmallows, Cupcake Batter, Buttery Frosting.
  • Full Moon - Blackberry, Coconut Milk, Marshmallows, White Chocolate
  • Eye of Newt - Sweet Blackberries with a twist of lime.
  • Midnight Hag - Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.
  • Something Wicked - Tart Cranberries, Sweet Ripe Blackberries, Crushed Raspberries, and one lone Strawberry that tried to get away.
  • Three Witches – Blackberry Musk, Plum Apricot, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla
Eye Candy:

Soulmate Hair Treatment

Junket Moisturizing Creme Conditioner

Glissade Anti Frizz
(don't you love the tiny little witch?)

Solid Sugar Scrub

Voluptuous Body Butter

Quick Review:
I have been sniffing everything like crazy, that's the only thing I did today. When I opened & started sniffing one product, I thought "Wow this smells so good!" but when I moved on to the next one, it smelled even better! I simply love every single thing and that's very rare to happen in one order for me. I was simply scent-overload but left with the biggest grin on my face.

So many girls swore by Cocoa Pink's hair stuff, such as their Shine Sweetie Conditioners, Junket Creme, Soulmate, Princess Poo & Squeky (Shampoo). I personally have tried Shine Sweetie in the past and my hair loved it so much.

Voluptuous Body Butter is possibly one of the best body butter I've ever encountered, and I don't even like body butter since I live in super duper hot area, but the VBB sinks in so fast & doesn't feel greasy at all, I'm super impressed. Their solid perfume is also fabulous, they're strong and long lasting, I love the 3rd Witch scent in it too, it was stated as a dupe of Philosophy's Falling in Love but I think 3rd Witch smells 1273648513% much better.

My favorite scent(s) as for now are Full Moon, 3rd Witch, Something Wicked & Midnight Hag (but I love the rest too!!! hehe).

So if you're interest on trying out Cocoa Pink products & you happen to love Blackberry, please don't hesitate and head to their site right now because I just saw they re-listed this set (they were out of stock for couple of weeks). I am personally adoring every scents in this set and I can't wait to try them all. Check out their Pumpkin Body & Hair Sets as well because I believe they're also offering a FREE SHIPPING.


izumi said...

ooooooo i do love good smelling stuff ^__^ hmm maybe i'll go check it out! thanks!

wuzzyangel said...

You always make these scent bath & body reviews sound sooooo good!!! If I had more $$ I would def give them a try! I love lotions & body butters!! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

OOOhhh Nanzy, I just love products that smell good enough to eat. Tat body butter looks sinful and all the packaging just looks so cute

LT said...

LOL at the dude in the "You Might Also Like" with the Halloween caption

Can't wait to hear your reviews on these. The solid sugar scrub really interests me. Have you tried it before?

Amy said...

Their packaging is so cute!! Thanks for posting all the pics and quick review! Now I want to get myself a set too haha :P

Nanzy said...

Hey LT,

No I haven't tried solid scrub before but I'm very intrigued. Will update you once I do, k?