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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haul of The Day: Cleanse Your Soul & Jeanne's Bath Shoppe

I'm writing here on my chair with a cranky sore throat :'( Man, being sick sucks, but it gave me a reason to cruise around & blog about something hehe.

Anyway recently I've gotten some more good smelling haul from couple of e-tailer. One is from Cleanse Your Soul where I seem to donate frequently. For some reason I was in a cake kick (haha, try say that 5x
"cake kick cake kick cake kick cake kick cake kick") so I ordered some soap samples.

Since they're only $2 each, I always feel like I'm able to try out many scents without breaking a bank, plus I really do love the feel of Silk & Shea soap on my skin.

I chose Deluxe Irish Cream, Viennese Cake, Passion Fruit Cake, Blackberry Marshmallow Cake, Raspberry Zinger and Walnut Cream Cake.

Here are the descriptions.

Deluxe Irish Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Irish Cream Coffee topped with pistachios and a heavy dose of whipped cream

Viennese Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Cheesecake hidden between two walnut cakes and moistened with tahitian vanilla. Topped with seasonal berries and whipped cream

Passion Fruit Cake - Vanilla cake soaked in passion fruit juice and then layered with passion fruit whipped cream and toped with kiwi, strawberry and banana

Blackberry Marshmallow Cake (CYS Exclusive) – White cake topped with blackberry compote with marshmallow filling

Raspberry Zinger - Sweet raspberry w/ coconut, buttercream frosting & yellow cake

Walnut Cream Cake - Layers of rich brown sugar cake topped with walnut whipped cream frosting

Along with the soaps I also ordered 1 jar of Foaming Sugar Scrub in Summer's Morn, I love how clean this one smells & it's almost like fresh laundry scent.

Summer’s Morn
(CYS Exclusive) – Mimosas early in the morning, along w/ the scent of fresh linen and a morning summer rain

As always, free sample came with my order and this time I'm really loving the scents Judy picked. I got Evening Primrose Lotion in Harvest Berry Parfait & Skin Glow in Pink Garden Mint.

Harvest Berry Parfait (CYS Exclusive) - Blackberries, Black Raspberries and Cranberries blended in a Vanilla Parfait

Pink Garden Mint (CYS Exclusive) – Pink Sugar blended with our garden mint scent

Another haul came from Jeanne's Bath Shoppe whose store is closing down. They were having 50% off sale of entire store so being a weak of heart I caved in and ordered 2 scrubs. I have been sniffing The Body Soap Satsuma body wash they have on the store but I have too much shower gels now I can't commit to buy another one. So when I know JBS has Satsuma scent available, I picked it along with my all time favorite White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Here's a quick FOTD,'s barely a FOTD because I only had a black eyeliner (Rimmel Kohl) on LOL. It's good to let your skin breathe once in a while, right?


Blovet Beauty said...

tat sugar scrub looks good enough to eeatt

Mirna said...

Oh my, Nanz..... you are such a poison. Where's the store's link, I wanna go there, kekeke.....

LT said...

LMAO at your human calendar. You are nuts...just like me. Ha!

Love the containers the soap comes in. Those are solid soaps right?

The Mighty J said...

Some of those names are making me hungry LOL

Denny said...

Oooh these sound delicious!

Amy said...

Hahaha, awesome hauls *paddles* (in MUA b&b board style rofl xP )!!
I'm also on a b&b kick, and just ordered a Bissy's boo bag and some CYS stuff too :D

wuzzyangel said...

I hope you're feeling better! And your skin is looking amazing woman! :)

You don't know how much I wish your blog came with SMELL-O-VISION! You always pick out the most amazingly sounding delish scents!