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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Product Focus: Bubbletub Lip Balm

Fall is approaching and what's worse than a dry lips due to colder weather? Well..there are "runny noses" and "abrupt weight gains" but those are the topics you need to discuss with your doctors (lol). I always have this nasty chapped lips issue when fall/winter is slowly on its way so I normally search for a good lip balm to save myself.

Etsy has always been my favorite place for my lip balm searching project, not only because the prices are great (not to mention their SNS -Saturday Night Special- sale) but also due to their creativity & yummy scented lipbalms. It's much more than "Cherry" or "Vanilla" flavor that you see available in drugstores, we're talking a scrumptious confectionary such as Lemon Meringue or Pumpkin Pie scented lipbalm that wouldn't really help our winter cravings.

The Store
I stumbled upon Bubbletub on Etsy when I saw this awesome deal of trial size lipbalm. I love trying lots of scents and this is a perfect deal for me. They have this offer of 5 Mini Lip Balms for $7.50 (Regular size is $3.00 each).

Shipping is only $1.25 for U.S & Canada and $2.50 for International customer.


They all came wrapped & sealed, with cute labels and plastic container. The tube size might look tiny for some you but I'd prefer this size so I can bring them around in my purse and alternate between flavors so I don't get bored.

You can choose 5 flavors amongst so many that they have (it was so hard to choose, I'm telling you..they all sounds great), and I narrowed down my choices to

~ Punk'n Pie (Pumpkin Pie)
~ It's Hip To Be Square (Toasted Marshmallow)
~ Buttery Toffee
~ Chai To The East (Chai Tea)
~ Lime Sugar


They're very moisturizing and doesn't leave you the weird wax feeling. The scents are absolutely scrumptious, I tried on the Punk'n Pie today and it's so tasty, just enough spice and warmth. I can't wait to try the rest. Based on the my sniff-ability, they're all really good. Toasted Marshmallow is a nice yummy gooey marshmallow scent, Buttery Toffee smells so good just like a toffee crunch. Chai Tea is a great fall scent but Lime Sugar is really mouthwatering, smells like a sweet candied lime and it's very refreshing.


If you're interested to purchase, click here to go directly to the 5 Mini Flavor Shots but please check out the other items because Gail (the owner) makes other awesome bath & body products.


Ida said...

so cheap! i'm browsing the site now. i love looking through etsy. wish i lived there so shipping of bath & body items wouldn't cost so much.

Catherine said...

Woah! I would LOVE these! Thanks for sharing! :D

wuzzyangel said...

"abrupt weight gains"! LOL! I love that! So true though!

These are adorable! And you make them sounds soo good! Especially since I'm a lip balm addict!!

Sniff-Ability! Yes love that word!

shexilicious said...

i hate you AGAIN for showing this to me . LOL. I ordered ;) ahah

LT said...

I love the cute little tube! I'm like you, I'd rather have it small like that. I never finish a full size tube of lip balm anyway.

I am bookmarking this site. Thanks for the rec.