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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Chicken Recipes (Non Makeup Related)

When people ask me, what's my favorite food...I would answer them "Chicken". You can joke about it but I seriously can not live without chicken, I love the eggs, skins, meats, even bones up to certain point. I enjoy cooking at home because I found it's more economical than having to dine out every time, plus it's such a stress reliever so I cook as much as I could. The only problem beings, is the idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks "Man, what more should I cook now?" once in a while.

I do have problems finding recipes & ideas to cook something nutritious, simple, and delicious. Being a chicken lover, I know there's probably 1324857963562 ways to cook them, but sometimes I just could not find the right source. When I was Googling "chicken, Worcestershire, wine" (those are the ingredients I had in my kitchen LOL) I found this cook ebooks which offers you more than 300 Chicken Recipes you could possibly think of. I saw the "Chicken A la Worcestershire Wine Sauce" in there too =)

This recipe ebooks offers all kinds of meal, from a simple Chicken Salad to Honey Spiced Cajun Chicken and the coolest thing about it is that only costs $14.95, for an unlimited sources of a mouthwatering recipes. If you decided to get it, you might want to scroll down to see some other package they offer besides chicken recipe ebook, , like this "Bonus Pack"contains of other recipes (Delicious Italian Dishes, Camping & Outdoor Recipes, The Big Book of Cookies, Cheesecake Recipes, Delicious Puddings, 500 Delicious Diabetes Recipes, etc). What caught my eye was the Starbucks Recipes eBooks. Yup, no need to squish in during rush hours to get your favorite lattes because you can make a one from home. This Starbucks eBooks you can get as a bonus, so you can get the 300 Chicken Recipes, the entire Bonus Pack & Starbucks Recipes eBooks for just $37. That's pretty awesome, so if you're a food lover who cooks, this is a pretty sweet deal because you can get simply every courses (from appetizer to dessert, including drinks) one click away.


wuzzyangel said...

CHIKAN.... GOOD.... CHIKAN!! Don't worry my sis n law is the same way. She loves Chicken!! Anyway anyhow! LOL!