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Monday, June 1, 2009

Wholesale Newsletter (non makeup related)

As much as I love shopping & spending money, I sometimes wish I could make money by doing business by myself. I honesty did not come from a business type family, meaning as far as I'm concerned, no one in my family actually own a business practice although I was told by mom once that my grandparents used to have a small shop in their house, but that's about it..nothing major.

The reason I'm writing about this is because in today's world people would do anything to make money. They will sell stuffs, used or unused. Flea market is very common these days and at the present days there's such thing as Ebay, an online flea market where people could sell as little thing as a Pope's hat shaped Doritos (weird but true) to a ginormous item like a real airplane (Sarah Palin did it LoL)

But, can we really make money online? I was always wondering about it so I did a little research online and I came across an article in this site that answered my question. The site called Wholesale Newsletter which basically have wholesale news which covers a lot of topics about wholesale businesses. Now don't let the idea scares you because they're actually readable and very helpful.

One article explained how Ebay sometimes doesn't work for individuals who plan to sell only a few of stuffs because there's the Ebay listing fees. I know this based on experience, I sometimes sell one or two things on Ebay, hoping to make a little profit but it doesn't always work for me as once the offer period ends and no one bid on your stuff, you are left with nothing but the listing fees you must pay nonetheless. I think it's important to know your chances out there and what to hope for because we're talking about money here and no one likes to lose it, right?

This site is also very beneficial for you who owns your business practice, especially online. They also have some information about Drop Shipping (basically a method where a wholesale suppliers would send items from their warehouse straight to customer's home), if you're interested. Other than that, you can also find business focus on company like Costco and Marykay, also wholesale sources, characteristics of the multi level marketing practice and how to NOT to fall for the ongoing scams. I just like to share this with you, hopefully someone would find it interesting and hopeful. Thanks for reading everyone!


Ai said...

ayooo biii bikin business di hawaiiiiiii!

Fifi said...

thanks for sharing..<3<3

wuzzyangel said...

This is great Nanzy!! Thanks for looking out for the rest of us!! I hate when my shit don't sell on Ebay! LOL!

jen said...

thanks for sharing!