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Monday, May 4, 2009

Move Me (Non-Makeup Related)

I was contacted by this site review company to do a quick review on this site. It's called Moveme and it's a site that assists people who are moving out and in a search of new homes, rents, and looking for financial assistants to take care of their homes.

I don't know about you but when I had to move out of my old apartment, I found it to be an unpleasant experience. I went through OH CRAP WHAT DO I DO? phase for so many days, thinking of the troubles and hassles I needed to face. That's when I was in Japan, where I also could barely speak the language (lol) and everything just seemed more complicated.

Now this site which is a UK base service company, offering a FULL HELP that is needed when you move out of your old house/loft/apartment/garage/whatevs. They will help you carrying the burden to find removal quotes, contacting a moving service, or even if you're single and don't have too much stuffs, they can help you hiring man and van (which is cheaper than renting from major companies). They also offer an international removal service which can definitely help you who are moving overseas to find a moving company that will take care of your issues (including shipping costs & everything).

I kinda wish I had something like this available then so I didn't have to go thru so much hassle moving my stuffs, finding transportations and help. Those of you who resides in UK, definitely check this site out or bookmark it, who knows you're gonna be needing it soon =)


wuzzyangel said...

That sounds cool. Moving IS soo stressfull!