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Friday, May 15, 2009

EOTD: Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals

I woke up today with a bad headache, honestly I haven't been feeling well for the last couple of days as it always happen to me when the season changes...kinda weird but it does.

Oh, and I'm pissed that Danny Gokey was eliminated!!!!!! WTH? But that's ok, not every American Idol winner is guaranteed a success anyway, look what happen to Jennifer Hudson, Kathrine McPhee, and Daughtry! Otherwise, I have also been wanting to try out the new Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals palette that I bought recently.

I paired the neutral on the lid and greens on lower lash line. I quite like the result, I think it's subtle enough for day time look but you can add an oomph for the evening by simply adding more dark color & smoke it out. I used Mehron light brown as a base but it's optional. This color matches my skin tone anyway.

On the lid I applied the beige and off-white color, for a change I applied the light brown in the inner corner (this would accentuate your middle part of the lid which is a lighter color) and use the bronze color on crease. I also added the dark brown to define my crease more, and finish by applying both of the greens on the lower lash line.

Other products I used are

Mehron Paradise AQ Pastel (Brown)
CG Very Black Lash Blast
Prestige Brown Liquid Liner
Kirkland Black Pencil Liner

Thanks for reading.


Sara said...

VERY pretty! LOVE your eyes :]

How did you make your border!? Looks just like ya! Could you make me one? Aww, I would appreciate it SO much doll! ♥

izumi said...

very pretty! i love the green on the bottom, definite OOMPH.

Chrissy said...

Wow, that is really pretty. Nice palette, doesn't look too neat with the packaging and how they were on there though. Hm. Oh well.

Nice look, I like how you used the greens to just make the whole look pop!

Askmewhats said...

Your eyes are super pretty! love it!

Lily said...

gorgeous! love the lid and crease colors!

Fifi said...

Aww feel better soon, Nanzy!

I love the look btw, thank you for the inspiration, it's so wearable for me! :D

Whit said...

and who said drugstore brands suck? this is freakin awesome- i love your eyes!!

wuzzyangel said...

Weather in Hawaii can suck sometimes! Cool to hot.. hot to cool! Messes with my sinuses too! I hope you feel better soon though!

Very Pretty EOTD! I love the green on the bottom!

Catherine said...

Oooooh, very pretty!! I really like this. I wouldn't have expected the greens to be so gorgeous but they are!! Wow!

Mary said...

I was hoping you'd post a look using that palette! That's very pretty and I love the greens on your bottom lash line.

Nanzy said...

=D thanks everyone!!!