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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Product Focus: Mehron Paradise AQ Palette

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting as frequent as I wanted to, I've had terrible migraine and haven't been feeling too hot for the last couple of days. But I'm excited to share about my last haul.....finally I got my hands on Mehron Paradise AQ Palette.

As you all know, Paradise AQ Palette is originally used as a clown makeup, meaning it's bright, fun, colorful but skin-safe. Last christmas I went to Honolulu City Hall where a Christmas Tree Contest was held and my BF's little nephew was getting his face painted at this Face Painting booth, and if I'm not mistaken they were using this palette to color kid's face.....If it's good for kids, it's good enough for me...right? =)

Anyway, I bought this palette from Tops Magic site that sells clowns supply, from costumes, makeups and even magic props. I was hesitant at first because no one seemed to order from them, I know many beauty bloggers got the palette from Silly Farm or Bubba Sikes but I never get it, those sites are more expensive yet people kept buying from them,it's like........stupid majority (that's the term, I believe...)

Bubba Sikes sells for $27 plus $6.50 shipping, Silly Farm sells for $25 plus $8.70 both sites will end up around $33.

So I'm pretty happy with Tops Magic because the palette costs $26.33 and FREE SHIPPING for order more than $20 (US & Canada). Another cheap alternatives would be Frends Beauty Supply that sells the palette for $20.40 with $5.69 shipping, but I had a problem with the checkout so I went with Tops Magic (that has Paypal checkout) instead.

It only took 5 days to ship to Hawaii and the processing time only took less than 24 hours, so I really recommend Tops Magic service, not sure if they ship internationally but I know Frends Beauty Supply does.

So without further ado, here is the Pastel Palette:

What is Mehron Paradise Palette?
Mehron Palette can be used as an eyeshadow base, they're proven to not crease but blendable at the same time. The palette that I got is Pastel but they have many others like Tropical, Basic and Metallic Palette. This palette has been proven to be an amazing base in terms of staying power as well as bringing out the vibrancy of whataver eyeshadow you put on top of it. One of the best review can be found here.

How Would I Use It?
Mehron Palette is a water-activated product, so to use it, you need to wet your synthetic brush with whatever mixing medium you have (or just water is fine as well), squeeze the water out a little bit so it's not dripping wet, dip the brush on the color you like, creating a water-color texture, and apply on lid. You also need to let it dry before applying eyeshadow on top just to make sure the colors wouldn't get mixed up.

Do I Still Need Eye Primer?
It is always preferable to apply primer (UDPP, TFSI, etc) prior to applying this eye color base in order to make it more blendable and better staying power.

Does This Palette Smell?

Yes, it smells like COCONUT. I'm not kidding, these smells like a coconut cream I bought from Garden of Wisdom, so scrumptious!

I am absolutely PLEASED with this palette, I've been wanting to have a good anti-creasing cream color base (since I have very oily lids) but I'm always iffy about how costly MAC Paint Pots are and the rest are just didn't lift up to my expectation.

Now I found this gem, and the colors are just so beautiful, you can also mix between each colors if you like. I am definitely getting the other palettes. Besides, $26 for 8 colors with that amazing quality....c'mon, nothing beats that!


Sofee said...

thats so pretty

Amy said...

I hope you'll feel better soon!

Wow, those colors are so vibrant and pretty!! Can they also be used as eyeshadows by themselves?

Lily said...

i've been wanting this palette! well, the other one with the primary colors. i can't to see some of the looks you do with it!

Askmewhats said...

wow....smells like coconut? i seldom find eye products that has scent :) but the colors are yummy! :)

wuzzyangel said...

I like how you bought it cuz of a face painter at Honolulu Hale! LOL!!

But dang that's pigmented!! And you found a great price too!!

Coconut huh?! Guess it was made for Hawaii! LOL!

Nanzy said...


Thanks!! =D I'm not sure if they can be used as eyeshadow alone as they'll be applied wet and once dried, the color will grab on to the lids.

Nanzy said...

Hey Lily,

I can't wait to use them either, and see your swatches if you decide to buy the basic palette =D

Nanzy said...


LOL yeah, but I'm not sure if it's made in Hawaii...well...if the it's pineapple scent then maybe I'd be convinced haha

Whit said...

i just bought this palette thanks to you missy!!! lol

it's def the best price! muwah!