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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Possible Dazzleglass Dupe?

For some reason I'm never interested on getting MAC Dazzleglass because I'm not big about disco-ball lips and perhaps the steep price tag turns me off from the start anyway.

But when I came across these lipglosses at Costco, I was pretty surprised to see how pretty they are and remind me of Dazzleglass so much.

These are from Kirkland Borghese and they're called High Shine Lip Gloss.

Now, I'm not saying these are 100% dupe because I don't own any MAC version (that'd be unfair to compare, no?). The possible dupablity with Dazzleglass that I think they have are:
  • The brush applicators, I much prefer brush than doe-foot, so this is definitely a plus.
  • The pigmentation, pretty awesome and it's not sticky on lips.
  • The glitter/shine, which is OMG....very very spaaahkly!
The only differences would probably the price. Honestly I have no idea how much each individual lip gloss is because mine came in Kirkland Signature Set I got from Costco, but I saw a High Shine Lipgloss trio set alone which costs $12.99, so it'd be $4/gloss.

(click to enlarge)

the one on the left was a Lip Plumper that came in the set
which has a pretty rose color and works very well although I don't think I need a lip plump.

I'm personally liking the Clear one the most because it has a gorgeous multicolor sparkles
and I can wear it with any lipstick, check out the intensity...

Applied over a lipstick,
Hi-Shine or WHAT!!!

my upper lip has it's own Zip Code (-_-')

So far the only place I know you can find these is Costco, but I saw them floating around Ebay not so long ago. Hope I can help someone or even better, enable some of you LOL.

Stay pretty, ladies~~~


izumi said...

wow.. those look pretty amazing. how much are they running for?

izumi said...

oh, d'oh! nevermind. just saw the price.

still, very pretty :)

wuzzyangel said...

Ooh... Dazzleglass dupes!! And from Costco?! Even better!! I haven't seen these at the Kapolei one yet though...

iamgrape1119 said...

WOW! Your lips look like the ones they show in makeup ads! So juicy and shiny!

yummy411 said...

i love great costco cosmetic finds!!! thanks for the heads up and unlike dazzleglass you can see these babies shine in pictures! LOL.. dazzleglasses are beeeuuutiful in person but it seems it's hard for most cameras to catch their shine!

Titty said...

Gorgeous gorgeous lips! Don't even say they're too big!! HAHA

And those are awesome! However, I only EVER got one dazzleglass from MAC because I find sparkly lipglosses make my lips look smaller LOL?

tiff said...

Wow, you have gorgeous lips! Those glosses look beautiful; I'm going to look on ebay because we don't have a Costco around here :(.

Cheryl Anne said...

Amazing find! Thanks for the heads up...they look fabulous!

I'm always looking for Borghese at Costco, in case there's something worth trying.

Amy said...

Yup you're right, you don't need lip plumper lol
Wow, these are nice finds! I am enabled =)

Nanzy said...

LOL're fast replying yourself too!

Nanzy said...

Hey Wuzzy,

Yeah some stocks are come&go, last week I saw them around but today they're gone... *shrug* just keep an eye on them =)

Nanzy said...


LMAO that's what I think about your lips!!!

Nanzy said...


^_^ Really? I never noticed that with all the Dazzleglass hype..these Kirkland stuffs do really show so I guess it's a great surprise?

Nanzy said...

Thi !!!!!

I miss you *kisses both cheeks* yeah I honestly don't really like disco ball l/g but they're interesting looking mwahaha

Nanzy said...

Hi tiff,

Yeah, try Ebay...I saw one couple days ago : )

Nanzy said...

Cheryl Anne,

How are you? ^_^ Costco rocks, doesn't it? LOL

Nanzy said...

LOL Amy, I did think of you when writing the world "enable" hahaha and thanks, girl!

Chrissy said...

OMG I WANT THESE! I think I'll ask my mom to get them for me once she goes to the US...and that coming from me is big cause I don't like lip stuff at all! But...I can't resist...the sparkles!!

Whit said...

jelly doughnut lips!!! lol