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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got Climax?

No, this won't be a R-rated post because I'm talking about Climax, a gorgeous nail polish from Rimmel. The drugstore nail polishes are gorgeous if you have sharp eye and patience to search around. Although I love my OPIs and China Glazes, I personally think NYX, Rimmel, Pure Ice, Sinful Colors, N.Y.C, and Revlon have gorgeous selection of colors with amazing price.

I discovered this particular color when I was at Walmart. Climax has a catchy name but the color was even more striking, which is a lavender with a red duo chrome color. It's seriously gorgeous for both mani and pedi.

The application is very smooth, it dries fairly quick and the finish is matte. Yup, a matte duo-chrome rare is that?! ^^

First layer is already opaque, it's not sheer whatsoever so I was very satisfied on that fact, the only duds was probably that you need to wait until the first layer dries COMPLETELY to apply the second one.

The reason was because it would create a tiny little bubbles that look gritty. I did some mistake on my left hands so you can zoom in on these pictures if you really wanna see the flaws.

Other than that, I have no complaints. The color is stunning, it chipped on me on the 4th day (pretty decent considering it's matte) and for the price you can't really ask for any better.

Anyway since we're in the purple mood, I bought a chic clutch from ICING, they were having a great discount and this baby screamed at me. I remember back in high school when I was all about big statement flowers on my tops (yes, I beat Carrie Bradshaw!!! mwahaha) so it kinda brought back sweet ol'memories.


Chrissy said...


Wow that polish is amazing, I can't imagine it being matte though. o.o;;

wuzzyangel said...

Nice pick! & the bag matches perfectly! :)

Sofee said...

i love the color!!! esp cuz it's purple :D

Sofee said...

they have very good pigmentation :D

K.C. said...


I haven't commented in so long, I don't know if you remember me (we meet at MUA Bath Board)! I've been so busy but I'm catching up on all your very cool posts. And OMG you have the best nails!! They're a great shape and length. :) I'm always on the nail board now too...