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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Earthen Treasure $1 Fragrance Sale

Earthen Treasure is one of a few e-tailer I always come back to, especially when I'm in need for a good Department Store fragrance dupe.

Some people have issues ordering from e-tailer for various reasons but mostly the long TAT and unattractive packaging. Well, Earthen Treasure certainly has a very quick TAT & shipping but maybe not the prettiest packaging out there.

For me, I don't really's not like I'm gonna parade them around people, what's important for me is the quality and most definitely, the price. Earthen Treasure price is ridiculous and when I received a newsletter saying they are having a sale, I just couldn't resist.

The sale is from Sunday the 29th and ending Sunday April 5th (which is tomorrow!!!) and what's on sale & prices can be found here.

I ordered on the 29th and received them today, I got myself 6 of their 5 ml Moisturizing Body Mist which only costs $1. ONE FREAKIN' DOLLAR!

I got them in

  • Fruity Loops
  • Vanilla Noir (BBW Type)
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla (BBW Type)
  • Midnight Fantasy (Britney Spears Type)
  • Blue Agave & Cacao (Jo Malone Type)
  • Fleurs D'Oranger (L'Artisan Parfumeur Type)
Everything smells wonderful and dead on, I have yet to be disappointed by Earthen Treasure designer fragrances, the only duds I found would be their other scent family (food/drink etc) as I haven't had much luck with those...but the dupes are just out of this world.


wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for sharing Nanzy!! :)

Amy said...

Nice haul, hehehe! =)
I just love e-tailers. I've been lucky enough to always experience reasonable TAT so far. Speaking of e-tailers...I'm soooo tempted by Bissy's Bunny Bags!! I'm trying hard to resist...

shexilicious said...

Whee! I just bought some because of you! lol.

iamgrape1119 said...

You little enabler you! LOL! My wallet hates you!!

Nanzy said...

Hey Shexilicious,
=D which ones did you get???

Nanzy said...

Haha Tao......can't resist the $1 right??!! Are you gonna get something?

shexilicious said...

I got the dupes! So I got Be Delicious, Pink (VS type) because they don't have that here in Canada, and Amazing Grace Type because I LOVE amazing grace.

Nanzy said...

Her Be Delicious smells awesome, i'll be waiting for your review =)

Vanessa said...

Hi Nanzy! Thanks for the love mama, yeah people are just crazy, I mean even if they weren't the least bit jealous or whatever, I hate when people accuse or assume just because they don't know the facts. At least TRY to understand how or why people do things before you go running your mouth! HAHA.

But I appreciate the support girl, it's my blogger sisters that always have each other's back!

Hope you are having an amazing week, by the way I LOVE your banner! Really looks like you (sometimes it never looks like the actual person LOL) but it's dead on!