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Sunday, March 1, 2009

NOTD: OPI Wanted...Red or Alive

Do you guys have that moment when you dig through old stuffs, found something you haven't seen in billion years and asked,

How the hell did I forget about this?

Yup, this is one of them.

I found an old bottle of OPI Wanted...Red of Alive polish, a little dusty on the outside, looking sad, gawking at me for my negligence.

As if it was trying to prove me that I've been missing out a wonderful thing, this particular polish surprised me once I applied it on my nails.

Believe me or not, for this NOTD, I only did 1 coat.


Why can't all OPI polishes have it's consistency? It's very opaque and truly amazing!

It's an amazing color itself, a very dark magenta, almost red, with blue undertone, makes my skin looks lighter for some reason, and it's a cream finish.

Wanted...Red or Alive definitely won over my heart all over again and deserved a HOT SEAT, with the crown and everything.


Askmewhats said...

thanks for the bday wish dearie and that color of the polish is lovely !i am sporting that color too today :D

Nessa said...

never heard of this color, it's pretty and one coat! You just must be lucky with nail polish :)

CHOMSIRI said...

this color is just HOT!

wuzzyangel said...

Wow that color looks great on your nails! I love the name!! BON JOVI ROCKS!! LOL!!

btw.. you nail shape is always so perfect!!

My-My said...

you know, everything you do is so gorgeous. . . even your cuticles!

LadyJane said...

Pretty! It's hard to find the right kinda shade when it comes to red.

Lily said...

ooh one coat?? damn! that's some good polish!

Nanzy said...

Thanks, love! Hi five for sexy deep fuchia!!!

Nanzy said...

Hey Nessa,
This is well worth they hype and it's from their regular line, I believe.....coz it's old hahaa

Nanzy said...

^^ hahaha yeah, very vibrant & loud !!

Nanzy said...

Wuzzy boozey!!

hahaha I love saying wuzzy boozey~ anyway, thanks..that color rocks and so does Bon Jovi =D

Nanzy said...

*blushed* lol thanks tho~

Nanzy said...

I agree with you, I hate SLAP ON THE FACE red but blue based red is always pretty & classy =)

Nanzy said...

thanks! it is very opaque isnt it?