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Thursday, March 26, 2009

FOTD: Fire the Sky

(my BF says I have a scary glance mwahahah)

EG Minerals Facial Primer Gel
EG Minerals Lollie Foundation
Silk Naturals Lovelace Blush
EG Minerals Hi Def Pro Finishing Powder

EG Minerals Taupe
EG Minerals Golden Brown
L'oreal HiP Showy (the MAC Parrot dupe)
Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Soft Fuchsia

A bonus, here's my sky today...
A beautiful orange dawn is always my favorite time of the day =)


URY said...

I also love that sky color. It feels so relaxing

Fifi said...

You look pretty! The lip color is just pop!
and yeah, you have a scary glance! hehe~

the pictures you take are beautiful! what camera did you use?

wuzzyangel said...

You don't have a scary glance! WHateves!! LOL!

Pretty FOTD, & pretty sunset pics! I didn't even catch a glimpse of todays, I was in Target again! LOL!! But in all fairness, I was shopping with a friend not for me!

Askmewhats said...

You look so pretty in this photo! And I love your shot of the sky :)

Amy said...

Very prettyful pics, thanks for sharing your sky :)
For some reason, I think you look very doll-like in the picture (but in a good way) hehehe. But what's distracting me is your beauty stash in the background o_o

Nanzy said...


Dang you can see the stash LMAO !!!! I did my best to darken the back so no one can sue me...bahahaha

Nanzy said...

LOL Wuzzy,
we both know if I live near Target I wouldn't mind ignoring the sunset xP

Ariana said...

i know this question doesn't have to do with this post, but about the 96 palette. does it have any greens in it? i want to try new colors and was wondering if there were some nice green colors in the palette. thanks! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

just gorgeous! not scary at all. moreeeee face pics!! xD