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Saturday, March 28, 2009

CYS Haul & Review

A friend of mine, who was a guy, complained to me that he *might* need body scrub, he asked me for some suggestions on where he can get a body scrub. My first initial was, of course, the drugstore body scrub, so off he went and came back empty handed, he said "there's nothing I like".

Then he came by to my house to play games with my BF and he saw my shameful stash of scrubs, so he asked "Why can't I get those??" I found it funny how a guy is interested in scrubs and it's even funnier when I let him sniffing all the juicy & great smelling tubs, he was really excited and asked where I got those.

At that time, Cleanse Your Soul (CYS) was just started having a sale on the Foaming Sugar Scrub (which, I heard, is comparable to Isle of Eden's) so I told him if he wanted to order from there, I was also interested on trying so we can both split the shipping. I gave him CYS link, he was overwhelmed by the scent choices but finally narrowed it down to 2, and decided to get a split scrub in 8 oz jar.

I on the other hand, choose the 4 oz but I remember my friend on Vox, Michelle's rave about the sample size soap so I got them too, plus a cuticle balm for my dry looking fingernails.

Here are the whole pornage

My friend's order, a split Foaming Sugar Scrub
in Bahia Honda - Sea Island Grapefruit
(he did choose a great scents even as a split!!!)

Mine, Foaming Sugar Scrub
in Pink Margarita

Silk & Shea Soap in Love Never Fails & Rachel Goes Pink
and Cuticle Salve in Pure of Heart

Freebies, Skin Glow in Apple & Orange Blossom
and Yogurt Soap in Mango Coconut Peach

Scent Reviews

Bahia Honda
"A medley of sweet orange blossoms and yuzu, sandalwood and vanilla beans, along with subtle green notes"
----> I got a lot of fresh citrus with a clean background and the moss rounded up this fresh scent.

Sea Island Grapefruit

"Crisp, clean grapefruit scent. Slightly sweeter than my other grapefruit"
----> Wow. This is a great tart grapefruit scent, I've been in a huge grapefruit kick lately, and this is all I wanted the scent to be, now I'm kicking myself for not ordering this scent. Damn. hahahahahaha

Pink Margarita
"Pink Sugar blended with Lime Margarita"
----> Blend ANY Pink Sugar, I'll be there waiting....but this one is special, it's tart, fresh, bright, and margarita-y. It reminds me of my beloved Cozy Moment's Pink Lime Sugar, it has the similar sweet limey scent but unique at the same time, I'm all over this, I LOVE IT !!!!!

Rachel Goes Pink
"Orange, strawberry, lemon, lime, grapefruit & raspberry mixed with Pink Sugar"
----> this should be called fruit basket in a's very fruity, summery & fun! I hardly catch any Pink Sugar in it but that's what makes this a great scent, everything blend together. The stronger notes would probably be Strawberry & Grapefruit =) great scent!

Love Never Fails
"Lemon, yuzu, and blood orange, softened by white wedding cake"
----> As one of CYS Valentine scent, you can't find it on the site anymore but we all know Judy, she's a "scent happy" so you can always request this, and I think you all should, because it's probably my favorite out of the bunch, it's just a lovely fresh squeezed orange blended with the tart yuzu and finish up with a warm cake in the background. Although it has a cake note, I hardly get it, it's more a fruity scent. The cake note, tho', does a wonderful job toning down the bright fruity scent and makes everything smells complex. YOU NEED THIS !!!

Pure of Heart
Cotton candy, marshmallows and Vanilla Bean Noel"
----> When I sniffed the jar, I almost gag because it smells like a heavy & sickly sweet vanilla that I hate (I've only came across 2 scents that I absolutely hate, Bissy's Boutique Birthday Cake & The Body Shop Very Vanilla), but I rubbed the salve on my hand and OMG, it transformed into a yummy blend of VBN, I guess I spoke too soon. This is a great scent for you VBN lover but I still can't get how the hell it smells different in the jar. This is the first time a scent smells better on me than it is in the bottle/jar LOL

Apple Orange Blossom

"Smells like a stroll through the apple and orange orchards"
----> I can't even add how accurate the description is, it's a nice blend of fresh green apple and floraly orange blossom, very nice for Spring.

Mango Coconut Peach
"Tropical fruity blend...perfect for summer!"
----> OH YUM !!! I'm still sniffing this clam shape soap, it's a perfect combination of mango & peach (although I'm always iffy about peach) and rounded up with fresh coconut milk, I'm saving this one for my hot summer days.

Product Reviews

Foaming Sugar Scrub
----> ok, I found a subtitution for Isle of Eden scrub. It has the same whipped feeling but gives enough exfoliation. Judy scented this scrub so well, it still lingers after I got out of shower. This is a winner.

Silk & Shea Soap
----> this is probably my favorite, I had no idea bar soap could be this moisturizing. It's a very creamy & soft lathering soap I've come across and it's so easy to use..just pop it out of the container, use it, and pop it back in. Great for travelling.

Yogurt Soap
----> this soap lather very well considering its base is a yogurt, I like it.

Cuticle Salve
----> OMG, how could I not discover this earlier? It's an amazing product to smooth out my cuticles, I've done manicures with it and it leaves my nails soft and smelling so darn good.

Skin Glow
----> it's blend of shea oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and apricot kernal oil. I love to use this as a message oil, the one I got is in Apple & Orange Blossom scent but it smells like a fresh green apple and a tad floral hint...the oil can be too slick if you apply too much so less is more =)

I'm SUPER IMPRESSED with this order, the scrub does feel exactly like IoE *hint hint, Jen* hahaha, and the scents I got are right up my alley, I guess I'm more of Spring-Summer scent person, I want a bright fruity scent and pretty fresh floral now...........lastly, here's a pic of a gummy bear snail Judy sent me....yummy!!!

Lookie, I poked the rainbow snail with my purple nail


wuzzyangel said...

Nice haul!! LOL about your guy friend! None of mine would ever mention BODY SCRUB!! LOL!! I don't even think the know what that is!

Those look and sound super yummy!! Such bright pretty colors too!

Whit said...

i just linked you to my blog- make sure you follow me- miss u

Amy said...

Oooo, wonderful haul! I love her scrubs too! Enjoy! =)