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Monday, March 23, 2009

Collective Haul

I have been hoarding like a mo fo lately, makeup & other beauty related things are more dangerous than drugs, I'm telling you.....not that I've done drugs or anything. I decided to just do a collective haul post, showing you everything and see if there's anything you'd like me to review.

My Cleanse Your Soul order came too but I am going to do a separate post for those, in the mean time, here are what I've gotten for the last couple of weeks.

Nail Polishes

I went to a beauty supply store in downtown Honolulu, I think it's called Hawaii Beauty Supply and they have tons of OPIs, China Glazes, Color Clubs & so on. I wanted to get OPI Done Out In Deco but when I saw it in person, it reminded me of the China Glaze Agent Lavender that I was still wearing on my nails, so I skipped on it.

Instead I snatched these two gorgeous colors called Gargantuan Green Grape (what a crazy name!!) and Dating a Royal. I don't have blue polish like this and it amazes me how vibrant the color is, it's even prettier in person.

Gargantuan Green Grape is a more green & less whited out version of China Glaze Groovy Green. I think these two colors are perfect for summer =)

Longs was having a sale on these two brands and I just had to get Rimmel Black Satin polish, I absolutely love this new line of Rimmel nail stuff because they dry so quick and the color consistency is just as great as a higher end brand.

N.Y.C is what you need if you need a cheap basic color, like French White Tip right here. I would be using it to tone down my loud colors as well as wearing it alone. For 98 cents, I can't stress it more that this is such an amazing deal.

Besides, black & white polishes are a must have, right?

Good Smelling Stuff

From swap, I got a Because I'm The Princess Aloe Body Mist in Believe (by Britney Spears). I wa strolling around Macy's when I skeptically spritted this perfume on my wrist, thinking I'd hate it like other of her too candy-ish smelling fragrance, but HOLD UP! I could not get over how sexy this one actually smelling....I kept sniffing my wrist on the way home and decided to get the dupe of it.

BITP is one of my trustworthy place to get a dupe but I saw someone on MUA had it on swap so I did that instead. She nicely included the BBW Iced Tea Twist 3 in 1 as freebies, I'm crazy about this scent and as we will be approaching summer soon, I'm happy that I have this.

Next it was a bottle in the middle which was a Daily Replenishing Conditioner by Skindecent. Someone in LUSH forum sent it to me because she's quit conditioner with cone, I tried this conditioner and it's amazing. The scent is in Heavenly (by Victoria Secret's) and it's so fresh & sexy.

The one on the very right is again, a conditioner from Get Whipped. Melissa (the owner) hardly opens her store so when I saw she did, I just have to order her famous products. I love love love my Valerie's Uncommon Scents conditioner in Dark Chocolate but I'm running low so I was looking for a substitution for warmer days. I saw she has a scent in Blackberry Blood Orange (how good does that sound, huh??) and I was like......OMG I want to try.

So I convo'd her & place an order, she sent it out the day after. Her CS & products are AMAZING, I've heard nothing but rave, but unfortunately couple days ago I saw an announcement that she wouldn't be available anymore due to her health & family issue. She said she would have a quick-to-make items once in a while on her store but most of the times she will be taking a time off.

='( This is the 2nd time it happens to me, the first time was Rainforest Soap Shack...after my 1st purchase I was like "Damn these are so good, I'm so gonna place another order"........but then the store was closed for good. *sigh* but having said that, I'm glad I got a chance to try them, same thing with with Get Whipped.

Etsy Love
Ok, I'm an Etsy addict, I can spend hours & hours browsing on Etsy, it's trully dangerous. I came across this site that sells jewelry with great prices. The owner is a 21 year old named Ashlee, her store is called AshleeBonaparte1 and she's very friendly. She quickly shipped my item the next day I made a purchase.

I got this silver necklace, it was on sale and only costed me less than 5 bucks, shipped.
Great deal or what???!!!

*pheeew* quite a long post, eh? anyway..thanks for reading =)
have a nice week, everybody~


Askmewhats said...

you are hauling mad! LOL I love the necklace from etsy and all your polishes!!! :D

Nanzy said...

*blushed* hehehe

Citrine said...

The two opi nail polishes are so pretty...reminds me of NARS rated R duo. (That I will never be able to pull off)

wuzzyangel said...

You and your polishes!! LOL!! Great picks! And yay for Long's sales, cuz they're kinda expensive! LOL!

And oohh good smellin stuff with freebies to boot! :)

Gorgeous neckalace!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

That necklace is beautiful! I'd wear it out often, for sure.

I love your polishes! I think I may keep my eye out for that blue one. It looks very unique.

Great post, Nanzy!