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Thursday, February 26, 2009

DIY Nail Polish: Green Peas

A crafty side of me kicked in again this week, I have a clear nail polish that is just sitting unused at the back of my drawer, so I was like, hmmm what can I do to you?
So I decided to play around with colors! Using my Simply Natural's pigment in Fern which is a gorgeous matte leaf green (can't you tell I have an impulse buying for green pigments?), I made a green polish by mixing it with the clear polish.
I am not confident enough to make the whole batch and make a new polish, or as nail gurus out there say, "Franken" it (from Frankenstein), so I just mix on each application.
What I did was I pour a little bit of clear polish on a container, sprinkle some pigments (small amount is usually enough) mix it with a brush, and apply directly on nails.

I named it GREEN PEAS because it reminds me of them and this is how it looks like
Thanks for reading, now let me go back to my late late night sweet hot tea.
Ciao shuga!


CHOMSIRI said...

OMG i really really like the color!!!

wuzzyangel said...

WOW That came out GREAT!! The color payoff is wonderfull!! Great job!! You seen to do marvelous things with loose pigments lady!! :)

Nessa said...

That's a really cool idea and the color came out fantastically!
How many coats is this?

kendy said...

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0037sammie said...

No way! That was CLEAR before? Wow, thats some pretty cool pigment! Can you see the many millions of possibilities, right there? Red and Yellow? Red and Blue? Blue and Black? Pink and Green? (OK maybe not the last one!)