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Monday, January 5, 2009

Product Review: J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream

Recently I've been in the mood for Lemon scent, although I used to have a love/hate relationship with lemon-scented products. I have had enough experience of products ended up smelling like a dish washing soap or toilet cleaner if it's lemon-scented, so I had to stay away from it.

But somehow karma caught me off guard because I kept ordering bath & body products in lemon, perhaps part of it is my subconscious being curious & unsatisfied lol

So today I went to Walmart and saw these products of J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary, it's 95%++ natural, which reminds me of Burt's Bees products. They have various ranges of scents & products..Lemon, Vanilla, Mango, Aloe & Green Tea, and Lavender. The Vanilla is nothing special, but the Lemon line is YUMMO.

Although the name is only Lemon Cream, it's nothing like sharp citrus-y scent I hate. The scent is much more than lemon, I believe it has cookies & cake note because this lemon is very smooth, warm, creamy, and smells like lemon pound cake.

I tried their Hand & Body Lotions on my right arm and Shea Butter on my left. That's when I found out that the Hand & Body Lotions left a chemical scent on my skin after a while (that happens) but the Shea Butter smells disturbingly delicious.

So I picked up the Shea Butter, it's 4.60 Oz jar for $4.80 ! I believe Walmart sells the cheapest, it's $7.00 on their site.

The ingredients:
Water, Butyrosermum parkii (shea butter), glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, stearic acid, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, sorbitan tristearate, Theobraoma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, cetyl alcohol, fragrance, triethanolamine, dimethicone, propylene glycol (and) diazolidinyl urea (and) methylparaben (and) propylparaben, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, beeswax, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, citric acid, disodium EDTA.

I swear it's so DANG GOOD, it looks like ice cream too LOL It moisturize my hands like no other (shea butter IS very moisturizing). Some ladies on Makeupalley board said this cream smells like CYS Lemon Marshmallow Wafer (which I've never smelled) but to my nose it smells like CYS Cuddle. The drydown, tho, smells different.

I highly recommend it =)


Lily said...

mmm i love lemon scents!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh~~~ I love lemon scents!! Have you tried Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle cream? It smells AMAZING!!

Thanks for the review BTW!!

Karley said...

I *LOVE* Watkins scents, especially this beautiful lemon, but it has so many toxins in it (triethanolamine, dimethicone, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea & the parabens) for a "natural" product...too bad! If they'd clean up their ingredients, they'd have some escellent products!

Anonymous said...

Ummm Paraben is wax. That could come from bees for all you know. Dimethicone is great for rebuilding hair it might be good for skin as well. The other ingredients I don't know much about they could be natural though. I knew someone who would drink a gallon of milk a day and was getting fat. I said drink water. He said no he was going to drink milk. I told him drink skim it will help slow down the weight gain. He said he would never drink skim because it contained Palmitate. That scary word is simply vitamin A. He thought it was a harmful chemical. You can overdose on A, but the palmitate just reintroduces the A lost when they skim the fat off the milk.

Karley said...

Hi Nanzy,

I wanted to comment earlier to the anonymous comment and forgot :)

Parabens are in no way derived from bees, and are a chemical preservative (and dirt cheap) linked to cancer.

Silicones serve no benefit to the skin or hair other than helping it feel better but actually just put a coating over the skin.

The others I mentioned are used to embalm corpses. They release formalehyde and are banned in most modern nations (the FDA doesn't regulate here; in other countriestheir version of the FDA bans toxic ingredients).

The triethanolamine and diazolidinyl urea have conclusively in several studies shown a definite link to cancer. Most companies no longer use these.

I just wanted to clarify why they should be avoided to those who think they may be natural (although poison ivy is natural...not everything natural is safe for that matter either).

Anyhow, I have found that the Day Star oil Lemon Curd (a Soap Silly oil originally) mixed with a hint of vanilla absolute smells identical :)

Nanzy said...

Hi Karley,

Thank you for the information, I always learn new things from you...and of course about the Daystar Oil =) I always lurk around their site but end up confused LOL so many choices..

Anonymous said...

I loved the Watkins Lemon Cream. But, recently they changed their formula. Now it has very little shea butter and no cocoa butter, but large amounts of cocoanut oil. This new product is very disappointing and it smells like cocoanut with a little lemon. It is also very greasy feeling.
Walmart does not carry the Watkins Lemon Cream any more.

Anonymous said...

Discovered that the old formula Watkins Lemon Cream can be ordered on the JR Watkins website.
They have both the new natural product and the old formula. The new formula does not feel or smell like the old formula.

Nanzy said...

anonymous, thanks for the info!
I never tried the old formula but if what I have now is the new one then I still like it =)