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Monday, January 12, 2009

FOTD & Another Amazing Swap

I'm sure you have heard that Hawaii doesn't have Bath & Body Works AND Victoria Secret's store yet and I'm done feeling sorry for myself (lol) So I started to swap some of the scents I thought I might like, again, I can't sniff since there's no store to go to.

Remember I swapped and got myself Bath & Body Works Iced Tea Twist lotion? yeah...turned out my skin doesn't really like the scent so I put that one on swap. A person contacted me because she's interested on swapping, and long story short, we agreed on swapping with her Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Body Splash.

I have heard mix opinion on this scent, some think it's too plain, some adore it, so I gave myself a try.

Today the goodies came and I'm SUPER excited when I saw extras she included.

Extra: Lumiere Veena blush in Earth

and The Bonne Bell Smackers in Berry Sundae

Today I've exclusively been wearing Vanilla Lace and I am really liking it. It's more than just a Vanilla because I can smell Orchids, Musk and other lovely florals in it. The dry down is even better, a musky soft Vanilla that is not overly sweet.

Another thing I love about it, is that you can't overdone the scent, I've been spraying like crazy today, and the scent remains soft & not sickly overpowering.

Ssstttt I have Bath & Body Works Fresh Vanilla on the way from another swap, so stay tune for a comparison~

Lumiere blush is LOVE, I knew this already but I was still excited because I wanted to get Earth so badly, just never got around it. It's a gorgeous terracota color on my skin.

Bonne Bell Smackers is also great, we don't have it here in HI so I was really excited to try it out. The scent is a delicious berry, it's rather sour candy-ish berry and very fruity. I tried it on and omg, it made my lips so soft! I would definitely get more if they were around.

So here's my last FOTDs, they were taken at the same day, only one is with flash.

Camellia Rose v2.o primer
Meow Foundation in Fierce Manx
EG Minerals High Definition Pro. Powder
EG Minerals Melon Blush

Thevi Onyx Eyeliner

Korres Quince Lip Butter
NYX Apricot l/g


myystiqueen said...

nanzy.... how do you like the camellia rose primer?? i'm going to get one too... but still not sure whether to get the original or the v2... ^^

lovely haul...

Nanzy said...
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myystiqueen said...

oh well.. i guess i'm fine with the original one.... i dunno why but even though i used to forget to clean myy face, i had never had a breakout.... weird, eh?? but i don't think it will remain this way so i always clean myy face... ^^

oh sure... i'll tell her you say hi...