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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Claim to Fame

Yay, EG Minerals made me their January Beauty of the Month !

It's such an honor for me not only because I love their MMU, but because it's January, the beginning of 2009.

How cool is that?

You can read my profile for EGM and my reviews on their MMU here.

I'm so excited !!!!!!! Hi5 Emoticon


Askmewhats said...

congratulations dear!! You deserve to be the Beauty of the month!! !Love it ...excited to check out the site now :)

Ai said...

OOHHH!! BEAUTY OF THE MONTH!! hey, seems like i've written that somewhere.. umm.. LOL

Fififaraday said...

Congrats!! I have to check EG stuff for sho :)

Titty said...

LOL I'm so glad they did! You look awesome and congratulations.

I'm so proud of my beautiful Inan. :)

And you didn't even have to take off your clothes! HAHA :)

Devi said...

Wow! Congrats! :)