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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The She Space Haul

The She Space order came in today :) it took less than 3 weeks (their TAT posted on the site),'s a pleasant surprise.

I only ordered 6 colors since I still have 12984632457 baggies I never use :'(
and these 6 are the only colors I'm intrigued.

Lookie how complex this Taupe color is


Interesting to see how "Pay Attention" shows its sage green undertone and "Double the Pleasure" shows the taupe pearl more than the cocoa when applied wet.



Ai said...

great haul bi! warnanya bagus2 deh.. i love lying mirrors the most! ayoo bi mau liat lo pakeeee :D

Askmewhats said...

yeah it's like you have a totally different eyeshadow color :)

Lily said...

the green one is gorgeous! i never use my piggies from tss though cuz they're so inconvenient for me since they're in the little baggies :( but they are pretty colors!

myystiqueen said...

wooo... those colors are uh-maze-ing..!!

btw.... rec me some good red and green e/s color??? MMU preferably.... for xmas...... ^^

Nanzy said...

hehehe ok boss, EOTD comin' up!

Nanzy said...

wet application does change some of the colors..FUN !

Nanzy said...

Hi girl, how r u? yeah baggies could be a pain but i think i'm used to it by now ehehe