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Thursday, October 23, 2008

EOTD: Cotton Candy

Ahhh my brother's birthday tomorrow...can't believe that little dork is 19 already, he just entered a medical school back in Indonesia, and I'm so proud of him. I hope he's doing his best coz I know that one can be super lazy when it comes to school, but if he committed to choose a hard & time consuming major, it should a good sign, right?

I sent him presents last month along with my mom's and sister's presents, they're all Scorpion babies :D and I was pretty surprised, it only took 10 days from Hawaii to Jakarta. So they arrived early (way too early hehe). My mom called and said my siblings couldn't wait until their birthdays so they can open them

Ohhh I miss them!

Anyway, I saw my neighbor kid yesterday, eating cotton candy looking like this:

and I was like "hey, that'd look pretty on my eyes !" and I didn't realize I stared at him a little bit too long until he gave me this "Get lost!" look LOL

Maybe he thought I wanted to steal his candy or smthn...hahahaha kids are funny.


  • L'oreal De-crease (base)
  • C2 (2/3 inner lid, lower lash line)
  • G7 (outer lid)
  • H7 (V corner, lower lash line)
  • A10 (highlight)
  • L'oreal HiP Black Creme Liner
  • NYX Doll Eye Mascara

Good night! Hi5 Emoticon


Askmewhats said...

Nanzy dear friend! that is a lovely EOTD! I love it!

Ai said...

sooooo cute!!!

Neeyuh said...

Very pretty look! It's so cool to see what inspires different people to do makeup looks. =)

Nanzy said...

Nikki: thanx hon!

Ai: heheheeh upload pics dong nyet.

Neeyuh hi, thank you...yeh I always need inspiration heheh