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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cozy Moments Sale & Lure Beauty Haul

Due to my pleasant items I got on my last order from Cozy Moments, I decided to plan my next order last night, and to my surprise I found out that their Etsy store has a sale now.

Cozy Moments are having their Etsyversary sale at the moment, 30% off EVERY ITEMS in their store. No need to wait for a revised invoice, just go ahead and check out and your refund will be sent to you via Pay Pal. You gotta hurry coz the sale ends on Tuesday, August 5th at midnight!

Me, of course, I caved in, and this time I'm ordering:

  • Tiramisu scented Goats Milk and Honey Body Cream (with Shea Butter) 4 oz
  • Refreshing Protein Hair Mist (I got to pick my own scent so I chose Pink Buttercream Marshmallow Cake) 4 oz
Scent description:
  • Tiramisu: A scrumptious blend of roasted coffee, amaretto and hazelnut topped with whipped cream and sweet vanilla.
  • Pink Buttercream Marshmallow Cake: A scrumptious blend of Pink Sugar (Aquolina Type) and moist vanilla cake filled with fluffy sweet marshmallows layered with creamy caramel topped with pink whipped buttercream frosting. YUMMY!!!
I'm excited because the foody scents I chose sound so delicious and I can't wait to try them out. I've been using their Whipped Body Frosting in Pink Lime Sugar and I just love love love it.

The scent is just delicious, sweet with a crisp lime, I just keep sniffing my self. My bf also loves it, he said it makes him hungry for sweets hehehe

I totally recommend it if you would try a body cream with light texture that sinks right in (and smell fabulous), it's only $6.50 and you get it in a HUGE jar. Oops, I forgot, with 30% sale right now, it's only $4.55 ! What are you waiting for??? = ) Go shopping, and click here!

(all images are courtesy of Cozy Moments)

Onto my haul, I received my Lure Beauty purchase, and as you all know, LB gives CHOKE free samples right? But this time, oh man, they floored me. If you remember my list, I ordered 8 stuffs from them, and guess how many free samples I got?


That's more than what I bought!

See what I mean? Orgasmic !

Ok so here's what I paid for:
  1. Silky Body Splash Spray (DKNY Be Delicious): It smells just like the original, fruity green apple scent with grapefruit & amber.
  2. Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub (David Davidoff Cool Water for men): I haven't opened this one, still refrigerating it : ) but the sugar scrub is BLUE ! o.O
  3. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Green Tea & Jasmine): True to its name, an invigorating green tea scent with the calming of jasmine flower, smells amazing
  4. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Doodlebug): You know this smells like a bubblegum I used to worship on 4th grade, it smells very fresh & sweet, just like a childhood's supposed to be. ohhhh memories!
  5. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Estee Lauder Pleasure): Another amazing dupe, very similar to the Estee Lauder's original scent, feminine & sweet floral.
  6. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill): This one smells AMAAAAAZING! It's better than the Crabtree & Evelyn's version =P
  7. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Kama Sutra Passionate Kisses): A fruity fruit punch scent, the description says "Raspberries, Blackberries, and fresh Strawberries with coconut milk & roses". Yummy indeed.
  8. Exotic Butters Body Cream (Jelly Belly Pink Lemonade): It reminds me of a pink lemonade, very fruity & sweet, just like a lemonade

What I got for free:
  1. Sweetened Honey Soapy Sugar Scrub (L'Occitane Honey): Just like a sweet honey. Slurp.
  2. Oatmeal Soap (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey): too bad it contains SLS, but it smells delicious.
  3. Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub: it really smells like a real slices of pineapple, very refreshing.
  4. Mango Butter Face Cream: also, mango scent is lovely. I love fruits, what do you expect? =P
  5. Light Lotion (Jean Paul Gaultier for Men): I love this, I know it's for men but OMG I love this LoL I think I'm gonna love the Women type too.
  6. Exotic Body Butters (Polo for Men): ok, I also love this men fragrance! hahah very deep and sexy...I swear if my bf doesn't want these, I'm gonna use them up lol
  7. Exotic Body Butters (Bob Mackie for Women): It smells interesting, a powdery floral with a little bit of spice.
  8. Exotic Body Butters (Calalily Hawaiian): A tropical fruit with lily floral scent as a top notes.
  9. Exotic Body Butters (Tropical Twist): Ohhh this is heaven! I detect mango, papaya and coconut blended yum!
  10. Exotic Body Butters (Philosophy Amazing Grace): dead on amazing grace type, very fresh & clean
Hmmmmmm I'm so overwhelmed by fragrances...


Lily said...

aww they even put sprinkles in their body cream! how cute!

Nanzy said...

hehehe i know !!! how thoughtful LOL

CozyMoments said...


I just dropped by to say thank you for posting our sale on your blog, I appreciate that! :) Your blog is lovely!

Take care,

Nanzy said...

Hi Michelle...
no problem, I'm just doing what a pleased customer would do : )

Emilee @ GMM said...

Hi Nanzy! Thank you for linking me! I appreciate it. :)

You've definitely posted my weakness, lol. I love bath & body products, especially etailers. CM products look amazing; thanks for the head's up on the discount!

Nanzy said...

Hey emilee : )
thanks for dropping by! hehehe yeah CM stuffs are worth trying, Michelle the owner is also very sweet (she dropped by & left me some love -look above- ^_^) so don't hesitate!

i'm happy to share so no worries from me : )

Tracy said...

Wow, you did some major hauling! Everything looks so good!

christy. said...

shizznizzleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :)
why do they look so damn good to eat haha.

i've been obsessing over beauty products for your face and stuff so maybe i'll try these :)

Neeyuh said...

The tiramisu body cream sounds soooooooo good! and yeah they do look good enough to eat haha.

I might have to get me some of that. =]

LadyJane said...

Girl, you are product obsessed! You must have trouble deciding what you wanna smell like everyday ;)