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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smell Me Much ?

Here are some Bath & Body Company I would love to try in the near future.
I've been lemming for these stuffs for the longest time LOL, but I'm still waiting for packages from Cozy Moments and Lure Beauty.

I ordered these from Lure Beauty:

  • Silky Body Splash Spray: Be Delicious (DKNY type)
  • Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub: Cool Water for men (David Davidoff type) *this one's for my bf
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Green Tea & Jasmine
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Doodlebug
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Pleasure (Estee Lauder type)
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Summer Hill (Crabtree & Evelyn type)
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Passionate Kisses (Kama Sutra)
  • Exotic Butters Body Cream: Jelly Belly Pink Lemonade
They're having sale right now, and the Luxurious Body Sugar Scrub 2 oz is only $1.62. Omagah!

Chunky Butt Candle & Bath Company

Their site: here

What caught my eye:
their butt-form candle LOL I've never seen it before

I would love to try: Sugar Scrub ($6.25)
You can customize and split 2 fragrance in 1 jar (with NO addictional purchase)

Shizzlin' Scent: Chunky-butt Signature Scent
(Sweet lollipop with dashes of vanilla and bubblegum, and the gooey goodness of marshmallows)

Crater Lake Company

Their site: here

What caught my eye:
their Bath Cloud, basically a soft cream that lathers in the shower

I would love to try: Sugar Cloud ($7.95)
It's a Bath Cloud + Scrub : )

Shizzlin' Scent: Buttercream Daydream
(Velvety soft vanilla with almond & buttercream frosting)

Sweet Gracie Forme's Shop

Their Etsy: here

What caught my eye:
Body Butter Parfait, a combo of 3 layers body butter, we can choose the scent.

I would love to try: Combo Double Scented Whipped Foaming Body Meringue ($6.00)
Fluffy Bath Cream. It looks so yummy....

Shizzlin' Scent: Lemon Drop Cookie

(Absolutely delicious scent of shortbread cookies with a hint a lemon and sweet vanilla icing)

The Body Ba

Their store: here

What caught my eye:
their Brown Sugar Body Scrub. I heard Brown Sugar makes a better scrub (than white or salt)

I would love to try: Body & Hair Spitzer ($10)
I'd be great if my hair can smell like cake ^^

Shizzlin' Scent: Vanilla Bean Supreme
(A Nutty blend of Vanilla, Cream, Butter, and Cocoa)

The Body Dessert Shop

Their site: here

What caught my eye:
Dessert Bars, it's a soap bar made from creamy goats milk, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, sorbitol & fragrance

I would love to try: Dessert Perfume Mini ($8.00)

Shizzlin' Scent: Burberry The Beat Type
:D I would love to try this one!

Bathed & Infused

Their site: here

What caught my eye:
Body Fluff, made from 25% pure shea butter, never greasy but moisturizing.

I would love to try: In-Between-Cream ($9.95)
A little more moisturizing than lotion but less heavy duty than Fluff.

Shizzlin' Scent: Root Beer Float
A creamy vanilla ice cream floats in an ice-cold mig of root beer

Cleanse Your Soul

Their site: here

What caught my eye:
Skin Glow, smooth this unique light oil blend on your body after shower and your skin will glow with moisture.

I would love to try: Whipped Soy Cream ($7.50)

Shizzlin' Scent: Marshmallow Wedding Cake
White cake, white icing, topped with marshmallow. So Yummm!

Have you guys tried any of them? I need some recommendations = )


Nic Nic said...

these bath stuff seriously look edible! i bet they smell as good as it looks!

Shen said...

OMG! too much sweet will kill.... your bf!! :) he'll eat you to death (no pun intended). i remember how "nosy" R got after i just had a shower with my Misty Rosemary soap. :) I like the spa-ish scents better.. but from the looks of your post, this can be addicting too! :)

Vanessa <3 said...

haha i like the butt!!

Tracy said...

these look like some great products. i usually just go to walmart or target for my soaps and stuff. haha. i'm curious to try stuff like this out.