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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pure Anada HG !

Thanx to Vely, a friend of mine in Vox, I found another MMU foundation HG.
It's Pure Anada : )

I sampled some of foundation shades and finally found a match: Niagara Fawn. I mailed the owner, Candace and also sent her some of my MMU HG shades (EDM Medium Tan and Classy Mineral's Tan). In return she also sent me out a mix Niagara Fawn + Pacific Tan (this would match Medium Tan since it's a tad darker, I use it during summer days) FOR FREE !!! (I'm glad they arrived before I left for my trip)

The coverage of this foundation is just awesome. I am only wearing 1 layer in the picture below, can you believe that? No retouching, nada! My zits & red scars are all covered *angels singing HAAAALELUYA!*.

Well if you look closer you could still see bumps, of course coz I'm breaking out thanx to regular visit by my beloved Mr.Period, and I don't think any MMU can actually covers bump. What do you think? does the shade match me?

I have yet to try the mix, but knowing the accuracy of Candace in reading my shade, I don't think I have anything to worry ^_^

Pure Anada Niagara Fawn Foundation
EDM Spring Concealer

AN Dusty Rose

Rimmel Undressed l/s

Kirkland Palette Sky (all over lid)
Kirkland Palette Dark Blue (outer V, crease)
Cover Girl White (highlight)
Rimmel Soft Kajal Black Eyeliner
Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara


Askmewhats said...

awww your BF looks cute! You are so mean calling it a mug shot! LOL

i'm happy you've found your HG mineral foundation! lucky yoU!!! great for you!!! I have tried mineral but I found with our weather here, powder foundation works better on me :) take care!!!

Nanzy said...

hahaha i'll tell him that ^_^ I know, he call me a meanie too, for no reason *sigh* LOL

thanx Nikki...yeah I wish they have more mineral pressed powder :p

Anonymous said...

haha, your bf doesnt look like a creeper. haha. my boyfriend does the same in pics too. it's weird, huh? your eyeshadow looks pretty!

Nanzy said...

thank you,! Double nikkis hehehe you know what I think our bf aren't camera whores..or camera gigolos..T_T u know wht I mean....LOL and that's a good thing !!! Hehe

Vanessa said...

gorgeous! Looks like a match to me!

Shen said...

same here! i think that is your match! :) love love mineral foundations! :)

Lizzz said...

aaaawww.. your bf is gorgeous. you two look great together, for sure :-)

Tammy M said...

It is a perfect match! I may have to order some!
Love the eye colors!