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Thursday, July 31, 2008

EOTD: Red Hat Society (96 Palette Challenge)

When I visited Southern part of mainland a while ago, I saw bunches of old ladies with fancy colorful outfit, they are The Red Hat Society. Apparently they are pretty big in the South although the members are widely spread around the nations.
The Red Hat Society Lady
It's funny coz I've seen them alot on TV but that was the first time I saw them in person.

We were having lunch at Cracker Barrel when I heard these loud laughter from the table in the corner, and there they are, legions of 50 something women wearing bright purple dresses and gorgeous red hats, just gathering to have a bite, dressing fancy & having a good laugh.

How to join them? Well, you gotta be at least 50 years old for a start = D The members who are below 50 years old is supposed to wear Pink & Lavender color instead. Isn't it cute?

So that's what inspired me to do these EoTdS =P

96 Palette Name

What I used:
  • F3 (inner tear duct & 1/3 inner lid)
  • G2 (middle lid)
  • H2 (1/3 outer lid)
  • H7 (V corner & crease)
  • F9 (under brow bone, blended with H7)
  • B11 (highlight brow bone)
  • Meow Feliner Sex Kitty (eye liner)
  • NYX Doll Eye Lash Out Mascara

The red came out hot pink hehehe but It blends well with the purple, so yeah....*shrug* I still like it :D


Lily said...

aww i can't see the photos, but your eyes look cool!

Askmewhats said...

one hot sexy eye look! Love it!

Nic Nic said...

very dramatic! i actually like the combo of colors alot!

Neeyuh said...

I've seen those ladys before! haha. Very pretty look I like those colors together.

Ohh no problem about the swatches on the lippies I didn't orignally post any cuz I didn't think they would show up.

Take care! =]