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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ebay 96 Professional Eyeshadow Palette

Before I left for North Carolina, I purchased a palette on Ebay. I originally looked for either 88 or 120 colors, but somehow I stumbled upon this cheaper ones and fell in love.

The 88 Colors are great, I'm sure many beauty bloggers agree on this one ^^ , but I wanted 'more' colors and the 120 colors doesn't really match with my personal preferences. I want browns and I never wear yellow. The 12o palette has only a few brown colors and tons of yellow hehehehe so after contemplating for couple of days, I went ahead and chose the 96 palette.

(I'm a dork, I have so many voices inside my head whenever I've gotta make decision. If you picture a small devil and angel flying around, whispering on my both my case, picture LEGION of devils & GANG of angles lol So yeah, it takes a while until I decide something)

Now if you search "96 Palette" on Ebay, many sellers will show up, and they offer different types of palettes too (in terms of color choices), and the one that I got is from this seller.

She (or he LOL, I have no clue) is very reliable, great communication (replied my mail within 5 minutes o.O it could be coincidence but hey, it's still a plus. and she ALWAYS reply my mail) and the item is just as described.

She shipped only once a week (every Tuesday, Hong Kong time) and my palette was shipped this tuesday, 5 days ago.

Today it finally arrived!

It comes bubble-wrapped, in a sleek black box

The entire colors

I can stare at these forever LOL

No mold, no broken pans, perfect. The palette has mirror with 2 sponge tip applicator attached.
The pans is dime-size, quite small but I don't really mind it so much.
Some colors are matte, some have shimmer, all SUPER PIGMENTED.



Natural Light

(I only swiped one time)

Price: $8.99 with $12.00 shipping, so overall I paid $21 for these beautiful palette.

I LOVE IT !!!!


Anonymous said...

is it chalky? I bought the 120 one, i didn't like it. :(

Nic Nic said...

woaaah yours looks WAY better than mine did!! I hear some pretty eotd/fotd coming ;)

Nanzy said...


one of the matte color that I try does feel quite chalky when I swipe it with the sponge applicator, but when I used my finger it feels fine.

Nic Nic:

o rly? did you get the exact same one?? lol yeah EOTDs comin' baybehhh

Askmewhats said...

wooohooo..everyone has it!!!!! except me!!!! wow..I dont' know if I can still hold on to being strong! LOL

Nanzy said...

it is my job as your fellow beauty blogger to help you solving your dilemma:



isn't shipping to Philippines cheaper? was just

Askmewhats said...

sometimes, it is more expensive!!! Eventhough HK is so close to PI, sometimes shipping rates sucks like crazy! Thanks but no thanks to you for being an ultimate enabler! :P

Nic Nic said...

Umm nopes i got some thing really different. the box looked battered and old, considering it was suppose to be new. A broken shadow probably didn't help.. lol. You definitely got a nicer palette :)

farrah said...

hehe i've seen this one on ebay too and i'm going lemmings! looks the same as the coastal scents one but this one so much cheaper! and the shipping to singapore won't kill me :P

purple snowflake said...

that pallet looks nice.........
i second nic nic,, can't wait for your FOTD and EOTD posts=p

Stephy said...

hey thx for the link! She's selling the 78 and 88 ones as well and i think they might be the same one as the CS ones! :)

Sara said...

Looks like a great deal doll!


Lily said...

wow that is really cheap!!! palettes, here i come!! haha. did you swatch these with a base?

Nanzy said...

Thanx everyone! will do EOTDs soon : )

Sara said...

hey again! your such a sweetheart!! :]

Thank you for the recs too! I will def. be checking those stores out, along with that lip scrub. It sounds like the ideal one.

alright gorgeous, keep in touch & I will do the same! Great beauty blog!


Sara said...

Hey doll it's me again! How do I search for these Etsy site?! I want to check them out, let me know whenever you get a chance!

Thanks Xx

Sara said...

Hey doll it's me again! How do I search for these Etsy site?! I want to check them out, let me know whenever you get a chance!

Thanks Xx

Anne @ said...

everyone is seem to be liking these ginormous palette. I'm glad i got mine as well!

i'm scared when it comes to buying ebay. iunno, i guess i just dont trust people. although I've seen this palette so many times already on ebay. but yay for your upcoming fotd.

Tracy said...

ooh, that looks like a great palette. thanks for sharing! i was thinking about getting one like that, or the 88-color one, but i don't even use a lot of bold colors, so i think i may just get the neutral palette.

CITRA cups* said...

ka inan, palette na benar2 menggiurkan -__-"

Vanessa <3 said...

sooo pretty!!!!!! soo many colors!!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

That looks awesome. Most palettes that I've come across aren't that great. They have either no pigmentation and no staying power. Are they blendable?

Tanya Annette said...

Okay so I have a question that is totally not realted to the pallete, lol:

What are you wearing on your nails (2nd picture)?!?! Dark blue? Purple? It's gorgeous! :D

Nanzy said...

Hey Tanya : )

yeah it was a dark purple from O.P.I hehehehe