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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

L'oreal De-Crease Eyeshadow Base & Splash Haul

Since my UDPP dried out on me (the jar where I moved it into had a crack so the air came in & dry the cream out), I've been in search for a good eyeshadow base, I was thinking Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I might need to sell my bf hehehe, so I decided to go budget-friendly and choose L'oreal De-Crease instead. It costed me $7.75.

I also snatched a small travel jar and Splash Eye Sparkle

A size comparison of De-crease with NYX Round lipstick
How it looks like : ) It's definitely creamier than UDPP an the color is warmer. Another thing I like about it is the packaging is transparent so I can see how much product left. I have yet to try it tho' so I will report the staying power later.

Splash Eye Sparkle pigments ($2.49) are very pretty, I was actually searching for Jesse Eyedust but these are just as gorgeous! I got a one in Plankton Glow, a unique deep copper with green sparkle, I don't have anything like this.
I swatched some other colors in the store but I didn't bring my camera with me, so I had to wait til I come back home to take picture...and being such a biggest clutz cow, OF COURSE I rubbed my hand accidentally everywhere on my way home.... -_-' So please, bare with the washed-off color especially Shipwreck Copper. It is a beautiful dark copper (almost brown) with gold sheen. I obviously wiped off all the gold LOL my bad !

(you can enlarge by clicking it)

so what do you think? yay or nay?


I got the L'oreal De-Crease for $5.96, not $7.75 like I mentioned above, I just found my receipt. Wowwww !!! Now that's more than a steal, eh??


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Can't wait for your review on the staying power of L'Oreal Decrease! Have you tried L'Oreal HIP's base as well? I'm debating between those two bases...after my no buy period.

Fabu-less Beauty said...
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Fabu-less Beauty said...
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Shen said...

i love plankton. i have a similar color from taylor made called Drallion. brown with green flecks too. :) hope to see them on you soon! :)

Nanzy said...


No I haven't tried the HiP creme base, although I've heard it's not good for oily lids (they crease) unless you prime with UDPP. That's why I decided to get this, not to mention the price is half cheaper hehehehe


Oh I think I've seen Drallion on TMM site, but I never tried it... ^_^ thnx for the info btw!

christy. said...

Yay for me bebehh. I think I chose a wrong color for Splash. The hot pink -ish color is too much for me!! :O

Nanzy said...

I saw some weird ass colors with lots a lotsa glitter too...I skipped that one LOL the rest are pretty, ay?

Askmewhats said...

I will definitely wait for your review of L'oreal Decrease...and the swatches are PRETTY!!!! YAY for me

Nic Nic said...

nice swatches! very pretty! ohh they dont sell the De-crease over here.. darn! lol

Nanzy said...

oooh too bad ! It's pretty good...I'm gonna make a review soon. and I just realized I made a mistake, I got them only for $5.96 instead of $7.75 (i just found my receipt)

maybe Ebay sells pretty soon?? *fingers crossed*

Tracy said...

i just bought de-crease, also. where did u buy yours? i think i paid more than you did for mine. haha.