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Friday, June 27, 2008

Avon & L'oreal HiP Lippies Swatch

I am adding some lip swatches for the previous lippies loot, so you guys can see the real colors showed on lips.

I have to say Avon Glazewear show up sheerer than regular lipstick, it gives just the right amount of color and it is very moisturizing. I personally think I wouldn't need lipgloss over it because of the shine the glazewear already gives.

(Beach Plum is a bit frostier than Royal Fuchsia)

L'oreal HiP Shine Struch Liquid Lip Color has a thinner consistency than other lipglosses I've tried so far, even from the regular L'oreal lines. Thinner consistency doesn't mean less vibrancy, as you guys can see

it is really concentrated in color, and it feels so light and NOT STICKY at all. I adore the color too ^_^


Askmewhats said...

I hate you inan! lol your lips looks great on any lipstick or gloss!!!! acccckkk i know you're smiling right now! you want me to say more right? LOL I HATE YOU! YOU HAVE LOVELY LIPS!!!!

Nanzy said...

LOL !!!!!!
*tapping my own shoulder*
hahahahaah jk what are you talkin about? it's just...lips, hon...

Askmewhats said...

it's never JUST ..LIPS darling! lol...anyways..hope you have a great weekend, our weekend here is almost over :) whew..need to recharge for the coming week! See ya!