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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review: L'oreal HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor

I love lipstick as much as I love lip gloss; so when I heard L'oreal HIP came out with a Liquid Lipcolor or liquid lipstick, I thought, WOW...that'd make it so much easier, I don't have to layer gloss over my lipstick. *lazy alert*

I know they came out a while ago, but I just happened to grow my lippies addiction recently. So despite of my obvious obsession towards NYXs & other low ends brands, I would love to see what others have to offer.

Today I finally got a chance to swatch & test out some of the colors of L'oreal HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lipgloss *say that 5 times : D* at my local Walmart.

Price: $8.00 - $9.00 (You can definitely find cheaper @ Ebay, prolly around $4.00 each or even cheaper if you buy lots)

Color Selections: 12 colors, ranges from nude brown to spanking red : )

Taste/Smell: I would say caramel-y ... now this is dangerous for lippies licker like meh ! bahahaha

Consistency: A little less sticky than normal lipgloss (refer to the 'liquid')

My experience:
- First impression, GOSH they look so cute!
- Love the smell & taste *yummm*
- I tested the color in Harmless, it reminds me of NYX Natural
- The applicator is also like NYX lipglosses, the funny looking sponge (I'd prefer brush)
- After a while I noticed the gloss seemed to disappear and left me with its true color, now I can't say if this is good or not because everyone has their own preferences, if you love the glossy gloss, you may NOT like these, but for me, I kinda like the natural shiny looking lips without the I-just-ate-greasy-dumpling kinda lips...u know what I mean!?

On Display (not all)
Natural Light

Inan's pick:
Turbulent and Precarious.
Turbulent is a gorgeous true red, no sparkle, no nothing, very classy.
reminds me of my Silk Naturals Poppy blush hehehe, pretty coral pink.
just a dupe of NYX Gold Pink Megashine Lipgloss, imo.

- The vibrancy of colors pay off
- The taste !
- The fact that the colors deposit nicely on lips although the gloss disappeared mostly (again, for some people this might be the downside)
- The double job this product does: lipstick & lipgloss

- Selections of color, I think it's not as many as others like NYXs
- The price, hehehe I know I'm cheap in terms of lippies, but nowadays Ebay is always a good options, right?
- It's kinda runny, so you might wanna wear lip liner and perhaps a lip base (to make the color pop even more)
- The TEMPATION to get more lippies !!! *hehehehehe ok maybe this one doesn't count*

I would probably grab one or two colors of these in the near future, perhaps when the price go down hehehe but for now I think I'm good with what I have, not to mention I have some more NYX lippies order coming. Yessss, guilt as charged *sob sob*

I will review them once they're here ^_^
Ta-ta for now !!!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo... i really like precarious. :D great review. :)

Nic Nic said...

nice review! i wish l'oreal hip was available here :(

christy. said...

Oo what does it taste like??? I saw those at Longs & I was like yeahh.. the price. hahaha.

alien man?! said...

Good review! and thanks for stopping in :D always glad to meet new ppl (and make them laugh ;D )

Askmewhats said...

oohh the colors are sooooo bright and nice for a lipgloss!!! I just don't understand why L'oreal in Manila doesn't bring in HIP! I'm sure it'll be a hit here!!!! I have to ask my friend in Cali to help me buy those HIP products :(

Nanzy said...

Thanx girls !!!

Christiana yeah it's one of my fav as well...very pretty :)

Nic nic oohhh i didn't know they dont branch out to live in England right?

ChristyI too got turned down by the price LOL but they look really pretty on the display >.<

alien man?! thanx for stopping by, you're hilarious, seriously...I laughed so hard when I read your posts...they're awesome!! good job hehe

NikkiOoooh too bad huh? but I guess you're not missing too much, I still prefer NYXs but these HiP is a good alternatives, if only they were cheaper LOL