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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meow & Silk Naturals

Meow & SN arrived today : )


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i placed an order with SN too earlier this morning. :P hehe. and i got the fiber optic blush brush too! LOL. i think it sheds because the black hairs are animal hair (usually sheds more than synthetics) and the white tips are synthetic. :) i know i'm late but i got a couple of blush samples too: tart, babydoll, and forbidden. believe it or not, that's all i got! i had to SERIOUSLY restrain myself HARDCORE. LOL. :P

i know natural hair brushes sometimes have a break in period, so hopefully by the next time you wash it, it stops shedding. i'm curious though, how's the density/stiffness of it? :)

Nanzy said...

woaaaah only 3 ?? hahahahaahah you've been a good girl ^_^

Yeah I think so too, coz the one that sheds were all black hair..hopefully they will stop : )

The density is ok, not too dense and the brush itself is small...really cute and I've read it's great for applying pigmented blushes (won't appear clownish). I've been using a fan brush tho', so it's gonna be a challenge LOL

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great little haul. Let us know how Meow works for you! They have so many colors to choose from! I'm still finding my HG mineral foundation.

nee is... said...

ooohh I like the blushes you got I think i'm gonna have to get me some too :)

Nanzy said...

Hi Nee !!!

Thanx for stopping by, the blushes are so pretty, and I am a blush whore hehehe