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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garden of Wisdom & Lippy Hunt

My 3rd order from GoW is here !!!

I'm so happy to see them inside my mailbox, my neighbor must have thought I was crazy for grinning widely in front of mailbox LOL

I got:
  • Rosacea Serum
  • Mandelic Acid 10% alcohol
  • Glacial Clay
  • Fruity Exfo Cleanser
  • Melissa Lemonbalm Hydrosol
  • Veggie Base Cream
Yup, no free sample this time =( but it's ok, I'm happy enough with these stuffs, it is about time I start new routines including MA and Veggie Base Cream to help with my purging.

I went to watch Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian, ohhhhh it's great...i like it 100x better than the first one,

not to mention the eye candy who plays Prince Caspian *wink wink*

I stopped by Walmart and grabbed these stuffs:

N.Y.C Lipstick Mousse, it's a matte nude lippy which I've been looking for !!! and I got it for $1.99 :D
N.Y.C Lipshine Au Naturel, a nude brown, great shine & not too sticky, also $1.99
WnW Mega Slicks Bronze Berry, a nice bronzy mauve, very unique shade..not care too much for the smell tho, $1.74
Travel Container, I figured I would need it to store my Glacial Clay mask or something in a future, $0.97 (not bad huh)


imee said...

how does that glacial clay work? it looks interesting =)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great haul! How's the purging going?

Nanzy said...

imee, you're supposed to mix the powder with either spring water, milk, honey, hydrosol or whatever liquid you choose, aloe vera gel is also good.

this clay mask is great to clean the gunk & tighten the pores : )

Audge, purging is still going strong heheh, hopefully it'll be over soon so I can post FOTDs hehe

Lizzz said...

very interesting haul.. :-)

you've seen Prince Caspian already? oh, i envy you! :-)

Nanzy said...

yeah, Liz...I watched it the first day it came out LOL you should, it's pretty awesome

christy. said...

Ahh I can't wait to watch Narnia!! :D

Tracy said...

i wanted to watch narnia. i saw ben barnes on the morning show the other day. HOTNESS! haha.

i'll post about my gow stuff soon. how's the glacial clay? i've been wanting to try it.

Nanzy said...

hahahaha isn't he!!! *w00t*
I have yet to try the Glacial Clay, just started using Mandelic Acid last night, but I will definitely update once I got my paws on it heheh

but it's supposed to be great to clean up your pores and makes your skin glow...I'm still purging at the mo' so I figured it'd be helpful for me ^_^

Nic Nic said...

nice haul! they actually sell NYC in uk..but i dont think offers as much as they do in US >_<

Nanzy said...

ah I see...they're pretty cheap and great quality i.m.o :D

ladystarr said...

nice should do a review on them if you have a chance. I'm always interested in new skincare!

Nanzy said...

sure thing, will do it once I try everything and see the results