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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Demonstration & Product Review: MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer

I have been wanting to this review for a while now, but it took me some time to encourage my self posting up my bare skin picture. As I mentioned before, my skin is far from perfect, I have some red spots/scars from my previous acne and little bumps here & there...yes, I am still figuring things out, trying new natural products to make my skin feels balance and looks healthy, so until then, concealer is my best friend :D

Before I jump into my demonstration on Select Cover-Up, here I listed 3 top concealer which I've tried and works for me:

1. M.A.C Select Cover Up Concealer (in NW 35)

2. EDM Spring Concealer (perfect match)

3. Oriflame blemish concealer (Golden Beige, I believe they have discontinued this product):

I don't have the Oriflame anymore so I'm only using MAC's and EDM's.

Ok, this is a picture of my right cheek with the worst scar/discoloration:
*it's pretty bad, thats y...don't pick on your pimples!!!*

I'm using MAC Select Cover Up in NW 35 (it looks a bit too dark on me now, i need sunshine hahaha)
The amount of concealer I use on my right cheek, if I'm concealing the whole face I will need double amount, sometimes three times during my horror times LOL
And after concealing:
with flash:
I know it's not perfect looking, but for me it's enough coz after concealer I will be buffing my foundation all over. As you know concealer only conceal marks and red spots, not hide your pimples, so you can still see the bumps surface on my skin if you look closer (I'd rather you not LOL)

So here's my review:

Price: 3/5 ($14.50)
Packaging: 5/5 (tube, tiny, never leaks out, gives the right amount when squeezed)
Result: 4/5 (medium coverage)
Overall: 4/5

I use my Bare Escentuals concealer brush and just swirl it around areas I wanna conceal. One layer is anough most of the times, just make sure to spread it well to avoid blotchy & 'too obvious' spots.

- I like the fact that it doesn't look cakey on me
- Very Blendable
- Last forever (although it's tiny)
- Doesn't break me out (not so sure, but I think it's not oil-based product)
- It's handy

- It's freakin $14.50
- It's a little too orange-dark for me, maybe I need a lighter shade
- I need to put 2 layers on darker spot otherwise it wouldn't be concealed well
- It's FREAKIN $14.50 !!! : P

Inan sez:
I like it, it was my choice to get a medium coverage and I sometimes use it on my lid as an eyeshadow base. I also use it under the eyes and side of my nose, it looks so natural and blends really well. I don't think I'll be buying this again soon just because it lasts forever hehehe.

So here's the tiny baby with my Spring concealer, which at the moment match my skin better.


christy. said...

I have the select cover-up too & I love it! :D It totally doesn't look "fake" on you & you can't even notice it. The MUA told me that if I wanted a heavier coverage, I should go for the cream-based ones. So if you want to try those you can, but I think this looks just fine :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

the shipping for madame madeline orders are listed here:

it's under the shipping section. :)

btw... the l'oreal hip shadow paint worked better than the indelible creme shadow. :) it lasted longer in the experiment. :)

Nanzy said...

Christiana Ahhh yeah I just found it myself hehehe thanx!

Christy That's what the MAC MUA told me too...but I wasn't so impressed by the cream one, plus the MUA recommends this one, and I like it personally ^_^

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hey Nanzy - I use to use MAC Select Coverup in NC30 and it worked well, but it made me break out in whiteheads around my chin area. And I am too cheap like you and am hesitant to fork over $15 for a I used to use EDM Spring Concealer, but found it a little too orangey for me, so now I use Intensive Medium -which is a pretty good match for me. I might check out Lumiere's healing concealer if they have like a free shipping promo or Oh, and we decided to go to Oahu and Kauai.

Nanzy said...

Do you use primer before your concealer? It helps to create a layer so the concealer won't go into your pores which why it causes breakouts.

Yeah I think I might have to go lighter with this MAC's too orangey for me...but it's FREAKIN $14.50 !!! LOL can't say that enuff ..

Intensive medium is too light for me, I can use for under eyes no waste! : )

I am also wanting to try that healing concealer, sounds so tempting but too bad theres no samples hmm?

Woah you're gonna have a blast in here, girl...When'd you plan to come?

Askmewhats said...

WOW!!!!!!! Girl, thanks for this! I never TOUCHED MAC Select Cover-up concealer as I got so disappointed with lots of concealers in the market whether high or drugstore brands. Thanks for this! I'm an NC 35 Studio Fix..i'll give this a try :D I"ll try to look for my shade though :D

Nanzy said...

Hi Nikki, I gotcha on your concealer dilemma, I've been trying out concealers like I try clothes when I shop LOL and somehow there's always something wrong with them (cakey, causing break out, too creamy, not creamy enough, etc etc) so I'm pretty happy I found this one.

don't mind my complaints about the $$ I spent on this coz honestly it's worth it to pay for what you like....

I'm just bummed by the fact that it's too orange for me now....bahhhhhhhhhh

Askmewhats said...

you know what? I'm on for buying expensive cosmetics as long as it works! But darn, I've got a couple of buys that aren't worth it! hehehe so anyways..thanks :D keep the good posts coming!