My Minions

Monday, March 17, 2008

My 2nd order from Cherry Culture just arrived (their shipping is a lightening) along with my Pure Luxe and Signature Minerals sample... Pure Luxe sent me an email saying "Sorry for the delay of shipping" , i made an order on March 11th and they were pretty busy so it took more than 3 days to process my items. Oh well, it wasn't a big deal for me since i've been ordering many stuffs recently and those packages kept me busy ^_^

Anyway, this is my Cherry Culture Haul,

I ordered NYX stuffs: Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt since i want a neutral base for my e/s, Mega Shine Lipgloss in Bubblegum Pink and Beige (I saw Nessa from Nessasary makeup doing swatches and they were so pretty, i had to get those), two round lipstick in Tea Rose and Indian Pink, and Ultra pearl mania in Penny.

This is swatches for the lipsticks:

I noticed Tea Rose is a tad lighter than B52 but it's such a gorgeous color and Indian Pink is a pinky coral color with a golden sheen, it definitely will be my Spring lip color :D.

The Signature Minerals (SM) samples i ordered which arrived at the same time look promising, i can't wait to try them and find my shade, the blush i ordered called "Gleeful" seem to be more purple than it looks on the site, and their "Angel" veil looks lighter (almost off-white) so i don't know, i might have to try them on to see.

The last items i got are from Pure Luxe Cosmetics, i didnt order their mineral makeups but the skin care products which have received good review, so i sampled their Cleansing Oil (contains many natural ingredients such as: olive oil, white tea extract, green tea extract, chamomile, rose, bergamot FCF essentials oil, and Vitamin E) and the Calamine Facial Bar (i noticed it contains Emu Oil in it, and i wanted to try Emu Oil so maybe i can wait until i try this cute pink soap bar and see how that turns out in my skin.

Alright, thats all for now...i'm happy with everything i got so far, no order error, no broken container, i'm looking forward to purchase these things in real size if my skin loves them :D