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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Ok, I'm totally feeling uneasy right now.........coz I can't find my I-phone !!!! arghhhh I dunno where it is, I just realized it this morning when I noticed there was no alarm ringing ... The last time I remember I had it was yesterday when I went for Dimsum with Aaron and his mom. It coulda been inside their car, I was pretty sure I grabbed it from the table in the restaurant and I also clearly remember Aaron handed it to me after he played around with it outside the restaurant, on our way to the car. But there's nothing I can do now, I'll just have to wait for couple of hours til his mom comes back to work (we were using her car).

I just hate the waiting, you know...

Ok, on to the happy news!!!! My packages came today, from Garden of Wisdom, Pure Luxe, and Ebay.

I ordered from Ebay: 20 of 5 grams clear sifter jars for transferring my samples baggies
My full size Calamine Soap and 2 sample pigments ($1.00 each) Indigo (dark denim blue) and Bad Girl (purple) from Pure Luxe
and of course, GoW goodies:
L-R: Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser, Pineapple Hydrating Mist, Chamomile German Hydrosol, and a free sample of Hand Sanitizer :D

I didn't open the Lemongrass cleanser yet but I smelled both the pineapple mist & chamomile hydrosol...the mist smells like pineapple ^_^ but the hydrosol smells kinda funny, almost like a's not too pleasant I must say, but then again, I have a huge tolerance for this natural smell hehehe

So to get my mind off the missing I-phone, I decided to moved all my The She Space baggies and two other Taylor Made Minerals to the new jars, geebuzzzz if I compare between those two...TMM gives A LOT more, it's double the quantity The She Space gives.

yeah I was craving for grapes...

Anyway, I'll hope my I-phone will show up somewhere somehow eventually...coz I've just had it for a month or two T_T *hix*

Catch you guys later!


Leony said...

Have you looked under the pillow? I always found my iPod and cellphone there haha.

Nice haul! Garden of wisdom looks nice.
How you liking the she space stuff? I haven't tried it yet.

Nanzy said...

I have looked everywhere...but still couldn't find it...oh well, pretty soon I'll be contacting my bf and find out. *wish me luck*

oh i love she space...they're so pretty... my fav is Acidic Reign, Convicted, and Far too Fabulous... Convicted especially is so unique, it's maroon color in person with teal shimmer...soooo purrrrty :D will be making EOTD soon yay!

christy. said...

Whoa mama. Loving the haul :D Post some FOTD's alreadyy ): The suspense is killing me hehe. Damn well I hope you find your phone >_< esp. since it's an Iphone.

Nanzy said...

Hey Christy :D

hehehe I have been lazy and haven't gone out of my cave for ages...think I turned pale now, lacking of sunshine mwahah but I will be doing FOTDs soon...

and I found my Iphone, sweetie :D it was in the car...and my bf's mom was like " thats the sound I've been hearing all day!" hahahaha yeah I called my cellphones like 1,739,435 times yesterday.

Thanks for your lovely comments! :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

*rawr* look at all those sexy hauls. i love the mailman brings me so many hauls at once! it feels like christmas! haha. :)

Nanzy said...

sexy hauls!!!! hahahaahaha *nod nod* yes mr.mailman is my besties's springsmas for me :D